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(This is a Google translation of the original Japanese sentence.)

In recent years, the number of OSS communities expressing #BlackLivesMatter has increased in connection with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Some may argue that OSS has such a political opinion. However, what I would like to pay attention to here, and what I would like to point out is to delete the website page of the document and replace it with the content of #BlackLivesMatter's assertion. For example, it happened with webpack.

Let me be frank with you. it's awful.

Official website pages should be written about the content of their OSS products, not as a place of voice. The user did not come to see a statement of political opinion, but came to know the contents of the OSS product. It cuts off such user experiences and imposes their political opinions. it's awful.

View OnePlusOneIsTwo.swift
class Number {}
class Zero : Number {}
class Succ<N:Number> : Number {}
typealias One = Succ<Zero>
typealias Two = Succ<Succ<Zero>>
typealias Three = Succ<Succ<Succ<Zero>>>
class Eq<S: Number, T: Number> {}
class Add<S: Number, T:Number> : Number {}
View createValue.scala
object Main extends App{
class Hoge
def createValue : Hoge = new Hoge
implicit def toInt(x:Hoge) : Int = 3
implicit def toString(x:Hoge) : String = "pa"
val a : Int = createValue
val b : String = createValue
View example.scala
object Main extends App{
trait Addable[T] {
def add(a:T) : T
implicit object CreatableInt extends Addable[Int]{
def add(a:Int) : Int = a + 3
implicit object CreatableString extends Addable[String] {
View example.scala
trait Creatable[T] {
def create : T
object Main extends App{
implicit object CreatableInt extends Creatable[Int] {
def create : Int = 3
View example.rb
class Symbol
def method_missing(name, *args)
puts :hello.start_with "he"
View fizzbuzz.js
fizz = function f(n){
fizz = function(n){
fizz = function(n){
fizz = f;
return "Fizz";
return n;
return n;
View 2015年4月、福岡Go勉強会のtodoリスト
* イベントページの内容を修正する
* 題材を決定する
* コードリーディングのポイントを作成する
* ソースコードリーディングに関しての資料作り
View 福岡Go勉強会のイベントページの草案
# go勉強会、ソースコードリーディングの会vol.1
福岡でGoやってる! なにそれ?面白そう? とか、Goroutine気になるだとか!
CやC++でシステムプヨグヤミングやりたくないぽよ! とか思う人のためのGo勉強会でつ!
## 今回メンバー構成
View concat.lisp
(defmacro ++ (&rest rest)
`(concatenate 'string ,@rest))
(let ((name "John"))
(princ (++ "Hello, " name "\n")))
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