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Introducing LTI <2017-07-13 Thu> at Hiroshima.rb #057

Introducing LTI

<2017-07-13 Thu> at Hiroshima.rb #057

What’s LTI?

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a protocol or specification for e-Learning systems (LMS)

LMS = leaning management system, that is a CMS for education. (for example, Blackboard (Hiroshima University uses), moodle, …)


Make teaching materials with LTI

You can make your own teaching materials with LTI and add them into LMS of your organization!

Current Problem

I’m making a minimal sample LTI tool by using Sinatra.

But it is accesssed HEAD only LOL. POST access should come after HEAD. After the HEAD access, it immediately returns to the page of the list of teaching materials.

The problem Solved

The problem Solved at <2017-07-16 Sun>.

Solution: adding the following to my Sinatra app.

set :protection, :except => :frame_options

Sinatra adds a header X-Frame-Options (sameorigin) by default. I have to remove the X-Frame-Options header. LOL

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