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Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions from 1507 to 21H1 with business (Enterprise) edition support

We did it! We broke ;) So head over to the new home! Thank you all!

Not just an Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper script with ingenious support for business editions,
A powerful yet simple windows 10 / 11 deployment automation tool as well!

configure via set vars, commandline parameters or rename script like iso 21H2 Pro MediaCreationTool.bat
recommended windows setup options with the least amount of issues on upgrades set via auto.cmd
awesome dialogs with keyboard focus to pick target version and preset action

Auto Setup with detected media without confirmation
- can troubleshoot upgrade failing by adding no_update to script name
Create ISO with detected media in C:\ESD folder without confirmation
- can override detected media by adding edition name / language / arch to script name
Create USB with detected media after confirmation
- can click Back and select ISO instead to save in a different path
custom presets above support 'oem' media customization, that can be disabled by adding no_oem to script name
- pickup $OEM$ folder (if it exists) with any post setup tweaks like $OEM$\$$\Setup\Scripts\setupcomplete.cmd
- write sources\PID.txt file to preselect edition at media boot or setup within windows (if configured)
- write auto.cmd file to re-run auto setup on demand, from media (includes Skip TPM if sources are 11)
- write winpeshl.ini file in boot.wim to Skip TPM Check on media boot (if sources are 11)
Select in MCT with manual confirmation for everything in MCT GUI
- no 'oem' media customization, script passes products.xml configuration and quits without touching media

Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v1 (wmi-based) or v2 (ifeo-based) standalone toggle scripts in MCT\ dir
- system-wide, unblocks insider previews on windows update, or running setup.exe manually while online
- when using created media on another pc for the first time, can launch auto.cmd from media once to enable

discuss on MDL

2018.10.10: reinstated 1809 [RS5]! using native xml patching for products.xml; fixed syntax bug with exit/b
2018.10.12: added data loss warning for RS5
2018.11.13: RS5 is officially back! + greatly improved choices dialog - feel free to use the small snippet in your own scripts
2019.05.22: 1903 [19H1]
2019.07.11: 1903 __release_svc_refresh__ and enable DynamicUpdate by default to grab latest CU
2019.09.29: UPDATED 19H1 build 18362.356 ; RS5 build 17763.379 and show build number
            added LATEST MCT choice to dinamically download the current version (all others have hard-coded links)
2019.11.16: 19H2 18363.418 as default choice (updated hard-coded links)
2020.02.29: 19H2 18363.592
2020.05.28: 2004 19041.264 first release
2020.10.29: 20H2 and aniversary script refactoring to support all MCT versions from 1507 to 20H2!!!
2020.10.30: hotfix utf-8, enterprise on 1909+
2020.11.01: fix remove unsupported options in older versions code breaking when path has spaces.. pff
2020.11.14: generate latest links for 1909,2004; all xml editing now in one go; resolved known cannot run script issues
2020.11.15: one-time clear of cached MCT, as script generates proper 1.0 catalog for 1507,1511,1703 since last update
            fixed compatibility with naked windows 7 powershell 2.0 / IPv6 / optional import $OEM$ / 1803+ business typo
            updated executables links for 1903 and 2004
2020.11.17: parse first commandline parameter as version, example: MediaCreationTool.bat 1909
2020.12.01: attempt to fix reported issues with 1703; no other changes (skipping 19042.630 leaked esd because it is broken)
2020.12.11: 20H2 19042.631; fixed pesky 1703 decryption bug on dual x86 + x64; improved cleanup; label includes version
2021.03.20: pre-release 21H1; optional auto upgrade or create media presets importing $OEM$ folder and key as PID.txt
2021.05.23: 21H1 release; enhanced script name args parsing, upgrade from embedded, auto.cmd / PID.txt / $OEM$ import
2021.06.06: create iso directly; enhanced dialogs; args from script name or commandline; refactoring is complete!
2021.08.04: done fiddling
2021.09.03: 21H2, both 10 and 11 [unreleased]
2021.09.25: Windows 11
            with Skip TPM Check on media boot as well as on dynamic update (standalone toggle script available)
            final touches for improved script reliability; enhanced auto upgrade preset; win 7 powershell 2.0 compatible
2021.09.30: fix Auto Setup preset not launching.. automatically
2021.10.04: fix for long standing tr localization quirks; Skip TPM Check v2 (ifeo-based instead of wmi)
2021.10.05: 11 22000.194 Release (rofl W11 MCT has limited capabilities, so still using 21H1 MCT because it works fine)
2021.10.09: outstanding refactoring around Windows 11 MCT; minimize while waiting MCT; unified 7 - 11 appearence
            We broke ;) Script has a new home now: 

use download ZIP button or pastebin link to get the script, as saving the Raw file breaks line endings

* text=auto
* eol=crlf
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