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Last active Jul 22, 2020
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how to tell yourself when you need to merge with master / integration when you are working on a feature branch

this will work on linux where notify-send is installed

throw this snippet into ~/.bashrc



    if ! git rev-parse --verify dev 2> /dev/null; then

	fetch_output="$(git fetch origin "$branch_name" 2> /dev/null)"

	if [[ -n "$fetch_output" ]]; then
	   notify-send  \
		--urgency=CRITICAL 'git merge info' "You may need to merge with the upstream for repo: '$(pwd)'"

) &> /dev/null & ) &> /dev/null 

the default integration branch is "dev", if "dev" doesnt exist we fallback to master. It will send a notification to the desktop if there are new commits that haven't been fetched before.

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