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@ORESoftware ORESoftware/main.js
Last active Sep 18, 2015

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// the # and @ notation is mine just to identify certain modules as my own and to make it easier to grep for things
// as you can see in the bottom of the file, RequireJS loads all dependencies in app/js/application before starting the app
// so if you put #allViews, #allCSS and #allTemplates as dependencies of your app/js/application module then this allows us to preload certain dependences so that we can later use *synchronous* require calls
// the synchronous require calls will allow us to do hot reloading with React and Backbone. We *could* make the render functions asynchronous, but there are two problems with that
// one problem is that Backbone conventions recommend returning 'this' from render(), the second is that React needs you return a valid React component from render, so render has to be synchronous
enforceDefine: false,
waitSeconds: 7,
baseUrl: '/static',
paths: {
'async': 'vendor/async',
'jquery': 'vendor/jquery',
'util(NPM)': 'vendor/util',
'ejs': 'vendor/ejs',
'flux': 'vendor/Flux',
'text': 'vendor/text',
'form2js': 'vendor/form2js',
'underscore': 'vendor/underscore-min',
'ijson': 'vendor/idempotent-json',
'backbone': 'vendor/backbone',
'bootstrap': 'vendor/bootstrap',
'backbone-validation': 'vendor/backbone-validation-amd',
'observe': 'vendor/observe',
'react': 'vendor/react-with-addons',
'socketio': 'vendor/socketio',
'events': 'vendor/events-amd',
'@eventBus': 'app/js/eventBuses/routerEventBus',
'#Adhesive': 'app/js/adhesive/Adhesive',
'@hotReloader': 'app/js/hot-reloading/hotReloader',
'*jsPatches': 'app/js/patches/jsPatches',
'*backbonePatches': 'app/js/patches/backbonePatches',
'*windowPatches': 'app/js/patches/windowPatches',
'+appState': 'app/js/state/appState',
'+viewState': 'app/js/state/viewState',
'#allTemplates': 'app/js/meta/allTemplates',
'#allViews': 'app/js/meta/allViews',
'#allModels': 'app/js/meta/allModels',
'#allCollections': 'app/js/meta/allCollections',
'#allControllers': 'app/js/meta/allControllers',
'#allDispatchers': 'app/js/meta/allDispatchers',
'#allCSS': 'app/js/meta/allCSS',
'#allFluxActions': 'app/js/meta/allFluxActions',
'#allFluxConstants': 'app/js/meta/allFluxConstants',
'@oplogSocketClient': 'app/js/oplogSocketClient',
'@BaseCollection': 'app/js/collections/BaseCollection',
'@SuperController': 'app/js/controllers/SuperController',
'@AppDispatcher': 'app/js/flux/dispatcher/AppDispatcher',
'@Router': 'app/js/routers/router'
'shim': {
'underscore': {
'exports': '_'
'backbone': {
'deps': ['jquery', 'underscore'],
'exports': 'Backbone'
ejs: {
exports: "ejs"
define('START', ['backbone','jQuery'], function () {
//we want jQuery and Backbone to both be loaded first before anything else
require(['app/js/application'], function (Application) {
require(['START']); //this requires the START module above, normally we put an AMD module defined by 'define' it's own file, but we make an exception for the above
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