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An asynchronous constructor pattern
// asynchronous constructor example,
// like always do not explictly return anything from the constructor
function Queue(){
this.ready = false;
let callable = true;
let ee = new EE(); // new event emitter
// the init method represents our real constructor
this.init = function (){
return simpleSyncObservable();
// we already called the init method, but aren't yet ready
return simpleEventObservable(ee);
callable = false;
// we only want to invoke the below chain once
// whichever method calls it first
return someObservable()
.do(() => {
this.ready = true;
// every method will probably need to call init() first before anything
Queue.prototype.obs7 = function(){
// most of our methods start with init()
return this.init()
.mapTo(() => 7);
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