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Last active Aug 6, 2020
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Web App troubleshooting questionnaire


  1. Does the Web App have a saved deployment? ("Publish" -> "Deploy as Web App")
  2. Are you accessing the /dev endpoint (
  3. If you are accessing the /exec endpoint (, did you redeploy?
  4. If you redeployed, did you increment the script version?
  5. If you have a client-side problem, what does the console say (pres F12 to open developer tools)?
  6. If you have a server-side problem, what do executions say (

Web App Access

  1. If you use to call server-side code: did you add withSuccessHandler and withFailureHandler?
  2. If requests are "unauthorized", but you want a public API: did you deploy as "anyone, even anonymous" and "execute as me"?
  3. If requests are "unauthorized" and you want a users to login: did you include Authorization header in the request?
  4. If requests are authorized, but fail: did you create a doGet trigger function for GET requests or doPost for POST?

Return values

  1. If requests succeed, but return nothing: does your trigger function return either HtmlOutput or TextOutput?
  2. If success handler returns nothing: did you return from the server-side function?


  1. "Cannot read property 'parameter' from undefined": do you try to run doGet or doPost from Apps Script Editor? Event objects are only constructed at runtime when a request hits the Web App
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