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Roman Gardukevich OdNairy

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OdNairy / HD Video URLs
Created Jan 5, 2020 — forked from agassiyzh/HD Video URLs
#WWDC14 HD Videos & PDFs URLs
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OdNairy / Priorbank.txt
Created Jun 21, 2019
Как переводить деньги на Приорбанк без комиссии
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1. Откройте Интернет-Банкинг Приорбанк, выберите карту на которую хотите и нажмите кнопку "Подробнее".
2. Скопируйте номер договора для пополнения
3. Откройте ЕРИП для перевода с карты
4. Финансовые услуги - Банки, НКФО - Приорбанк - Пополнение
5. Вводите сумму
6. ...
7. Вы восхитительны. Profit!
OdNairy / Swift Events.swift
Created Apr 18, 2019 — forked from ColinEberhardt/Swift Events
An eventing mechanism for Swift
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/// An object that has some tear-down logic
public protocol Disposable {
func dispose()
/// An event provides a mechanism for raising notifications, together with some
/// associated data. Multiple function handlers can be added, with each being invoked,
/// with the event data, when the event is raised.
public class Event<T> {
OdNairy / update_tf_data.rb
Last active Jun 2, 2019
Wait build to be processed and update changelog afterwards. fastlane 2.125+ required.
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require 'spaceship'
module Fastlane
module Actions
module SharedValues
class UpdateTfDataAction < Action
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000000000001eca4 leaq 0x180882(%rip), %rdi ## literal pool for: "VECLIB_MAXIMUM_THREADS"
000000000001ecab callq 0x19f084 ## symbol stub for: _getenv
000000000001ef7c leaq 0x180abc(%rip), %rdi ## literal pool for: "APPLE_LAPACK_FILL_NAN"
000000000001ef83 callq 0x19f084 ## symbol stub for: _getenv
0000000000059865 leaq 0x1461d3(%rip), %rdi ## literal pool for: "APPLE_LAPACK_FILL_NAN"
000000000005986c callq 0x19f084 ## symbol stub for: _getenv
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#!/usr/bin/env swift
import Foundation
protocol TestProtocol {
func foo(_ param: Int)
extension TestProtocol {
func foo() {
print("Default implementation")
curl -v -X PUT "" \
-H "X-HockeyAppToken: f098e04f87f342f8a6ffcf50d3e37716" \
-F "restore_allowed=disabled"
* Trying
* Connected to ( port 443 (#0)
* TLS 1.2 connection using TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256
* Server certificate: *
* Server certificate: Microsoft IT SSL SHA2
* Server certificate: Baltimore CyberTrust Root
> PUT /api/2/apps/435279/meta HTTP/1.1
View swift.crash
Build target Panda of project Panda with configuration Debug
CompileSwiftSources normal arm64
cd /Users/odnairy/code/IntellectSoft/Panda
export DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/
export PATH="/Applications/"
export SDKROOT=/Applications/
/Applications/ -incremental -module-name Panda -Onone -D COCOAPODS -D COCOAPODS -D DEBUG -sdk /Applications/ -target arm64-apple-ios8.0 -g -module-cache-path /Users/odnairy/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache -Xfrontend -serialize-debugging-options -embed-bitcode-marker
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import Foundation
// XcodeKitDefines.h
// Xcode
// Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
/** The build version of XcodeKit itself.
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./AVFoundation.framework/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Headers/AVAudioSession.h:- (BOOL)setCategory:(NSString *)category mode:(NSString *)mode options:(AVAudioSessionCategoryOptions)options error:(NSError **)outError NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(10_0);
./AVFoundation.framework/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Headers/AVAudioSession.h:@property(readonly) BOOL hasHardwareVoiceCallProcessing NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(10_0);
./AVFoundation.framework/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Headers/AVSpeechSynthesis.h:AVF_EXPORT NSString *const AVSpeechSynthesisIPANotationAttribute NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(10_0);
./AVFoundation.framework/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Headers/AVSpeechSynthesis.h:+ (instancetype)speechUtteranceWithAttributedString:(NSAttributedString *)string NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(10_0);
./AVFoundation.framework/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Headers/AVSpeechSynthesis.h:- (instancetype)initWithAttributedString:(NSAttributedString *)string NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(10_0);