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[Resources for learning JavaScript] #JavaScript

Resources for learning JavaScript (and its ecosystem) in 2020

  • Links are introduced in suggested order of reading
  • Intended target: someone knowing to program but not in JavaScript


  1. Why investing in JavaScript? BLOG POST IN PROGRESS


  1. A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS tutorial)
  2. Dan Abramov's "Just JavaScript" 1 to 9
  3. Mozilla's JavaScript Guide
  4. Promises
  5. Eloquent JavaScript with an intro to the browser and node
  6. fetch intro:
  7. async/await
  8. 10 JavaScript concepts you need to know for interviews

Advanced fundamentals

  1. The Two Pillars of JavaScript Part 1: How to Escape the 7th Circle of Hell
  2. The Two Pillars of JavaScript Part 2: Functional Programming, How to Stop Micromanaging Everything
  3. Event Loop and the Big Picture (just the 1st one of the series for now)
  4. 33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know
  5. The Keys to JavaScript Mastery
  6. JavaScript Garden = the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language how to avoid common mistakes and subtle bugs, as well as performance issues and bad practices

Advanced ecosystem

Choose your path: frontend or backend. If you learn a bit of both, you can claim the legendary "fullstack" title.

Advanced: browser (frontend)

  1. Roadmap
  2. Intro
  3. DOM
  4. Web APIs
  5. Flux architecture
  6. The core foundations of a delightful web experience
  7. Security

Advanced: node (backend)

  1. Roadmap
  2. Setting up a JS environment
  3. node basics
  4. express
  5. NodeJS Event Loop:
    1. Event Loop and the Big Picture
    2. Timers, Immediates and Process.nextTick
    3. Promises, Next-Ticks, and Immediates
    4. Handling IO
    5. Event Loop Best Practices
    6. New Changes to the Timers and Microtasks in Node v11.0.0
    7. JavaScript Event Loop vs Node JS Event Loop
  6. Security TODO

Even more advanced

  1. Jest, a delightful JavaScript Testing Framework
  2. TypeScript
  3. React:
    1. JavaScript fundamentals before learning React
    2. Roadmap
    3. Official React documentation it's very good
  4. Progressive Web Apps
  5. System design primer
  6. GraphQL
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