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Last active August 31, 2021 14:15
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var step = new CodeBuildStep("Synth", new CodeBuildStepProps
Input = CodePipelineSource.Connection("OksanaH/CDKPipelines", "main", new ConnectionSourceOptions()
ConnectionArn = connectionArn
PrimaryOutputDirectory = "cdk.out",
InstallCommands = new string[] { "npm install -g aws-cdk" },
Commands = new string[] {
"cd App",
"dotnet restore WhatDayOfWeekTests/WhatDayOfWeekTests.csproj",
"dotnet test -c release WhatDayOfWeekTests/WhatDayOfWeekTests.csproj --logger trx --results-directory ./testresults",
"cd ..",
"cdk synth"
PartialBuildSpec = BuildSpec.FromObject(reports),
RolePolicyStatements = new PolicyStatement[] { new PolicyStatement(policyProps) }
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