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Created Aug 22, 2014
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Compojure/Friend route issue
(ns friendtest.core
(:require [ring.adapter.jetty]
[ring.middleware.params :as params]
[ring.util.response :as resp]
[ :as h]
[hiccup.element :as e]
[compojure.core :as http]
[compojure.route :as route]
[cemerick.friend :as friend]
(cemerick.friend [workflows :as workflows]
[credentials :as creds])))
(def users {"root" {:username "root"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "admin_password")
:roles #{::admin}}
"jane" {:username "jane"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "user_password")
:roles #{::user}}})
(derive ::admin ::user)
(def head
[:style {:type "text/css"} "ul { padding-left: 2em }"]
(defn body
[& content]
(into [:div ] content)])
(def login-form
[:h3 "Login"]
[:form {:method "POST" :action "login"}
[:div "Username" [:input {:type "text" :name "username"}]]
[:div "Password" [:input {:type "password" :name "password"}]]
[:div [:input {:type "submit" :class "button" :value "Login"}]]]]]])
(compojure.core/defroutes user-routes
(http/GET "/account" req (resp/response (str "Account!..." req)))
(http/GET "/summary" req (resp/response (str "Summary!..." req))))
(compojure.core/defroutes ring-app
;; user routes
(compojure.core/context "/user" req (friend/wrap-authorize user-routes #{::user}))
;; admin routes
(http/GET "/admin" req (friend/authorize #{::admin}
"This page is only visible to administrators..."
(resp/response (str "Administrate!"))))
;; open access routes
(http/GET "/login" req (h/html5 head (body login-form)))
(friend/logout (http/ANY "/logout" request (resp/redirect "/")))
;; moving this route above the GET "/login" route clears the params to the login route
(http/GET "/" {params :params} (resp/response (str params)))
(route/not-found "Unpopulated link."))
(def secured-app
(friend/authenticate ring-app {:credential-fn #(do
(println (str "Testing user credentials..." %))
(creds/bcrypt-credential-fn users %))
:workflows [(workflows/interactive-form)]}))
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