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React Native + macOS + Clojurescript


Project Catalyst

Since the recent release of Catalina, macOS has shipped with the ability to allow iOS/iPAD apps to run on macOS without any modification via a featureset known as Project Catalyst.

This is exciting, as writing React Native + Clojurescript apps as a target for the desktop is much more compelling than a pure Electron app (imo).

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Last active Nov 26, 2021
When is Clojure "the right tool for the job"?

My answer to: which asked to know when and at what is Clojure "the right tool for the job"?

My take is that in general, the right tool for the job actually doesn't matter that much when it comes to programming language.

There are only a few cases where the options of tools that can do a sufficiently good job at the task become limited.

That's why they are called: General-purpose programming languages, because they can be used generally for most use cases without issues.

Let's look at some of the dimensions that make a difference and what I think of Clojure for them: