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Ondro Mihályi OndroMih

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OndroMih / tiktok-delete-all-videos.js
Created May 16, 2021
Delete all videos in Tiktok
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* A script to delete all videos from a Tittok account
* Before running:
* 1. Log into your Tiktok account in a browser (tested with Firefox)
* 2. Navigate to the View Profile
* 3. Open the developer tools in the browser to inspect the URLs of the requests (Network tab in Firefox)
* 4. Click on one of the videos and delete it
* 5. In the developer tools, find the last POST request with a URL that starts with
* 6. Copy the URL into the script below into the line that starts with 'const url'. Replace the value of aweme_id and target with: " + id + "