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OndroMih /
Created January 21, 2023 16:15
Q/A for the talk "Afraid of Java cold starts in Serverless? Fear not, Java is super fast!" at the JChampions Conference 2023

Answers to the questions raised in the chat furing my presentation:

Mohamed Taoufik TEKAYA: What are the software tools and / or the Integration Development Environment "IDE" deployed for the project app demo ?

I used:

Mohamed Taoufik TEKAYA: What is the "Java" version used in this presentation?

OndroMih / tiktok-delete-all-videos.js
Created May 16, 2021 11:35
Delete all videos in Tiktok
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* A script to delete all videos from a Tittok account
* Before running:
* 1. Log into your Tiktok account in a browser (tested with Firefox)
* 2. Navigate to the View Profile
* 3. Open the developer tools in the browser to inspect the URLs of the requests (Network tab in Firefox)
* 4. Click on one of the videos and delete it
* 5. In the developer tools, find the last POST request with a URL that starts with
* 6. Copy the URL into the script below into the line that starts with 'const url'. Replace the value of aweme_id and target with: " + id + "