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Osman8a / gist:5deb8a9af271778ee84c1304e3ce8da1
Created Dec 19, 2018
Challenge: analyze a most frequent word program
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function getTokens (rawString) {
  // NB: `.filter (Boolean)` removes any false items from an array
  return rawString.toLowerCase (). split (/ [,!. ";: -] + /). filter (Boolean) .sort ();
function mostFrequentWord (text) {
  // asgina a words the divided and organized string
  var words = getTokens (text);
  var wordFrequencies = {};
  // I walk the words vector
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A) What is scope? Your explanation should include the idea of global vs. local scope.
R= the scope defines how you can or can not access the variables that you declare in different points of your code.
When you declare a variable in the global scope, it is available throughout the code.
When you declare a variable in the local scope, it will be available only within the function
B) Why are global variables avoided?
R= the use of global variables can generate unintentional errors in my code when I have local variables called in the same way
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Created Dec 17, 2018
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Created Dec 17, 2018
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