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Created October 31, 2016 11:32
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Coordonnées GPS estimées de la ligne 3 du métro de Toulouse (parcours validé a ce jour, il manque les parcours optionnels). Voir la carte
{name: 'Airbus Colommiers', coords: [43.6164113,1.3505030]},
{name: 'Airbus Saint Martin', coords: [43.6119056,1.3726646]},
{name: 'Jean Maga', coords: [43.6217381,1.3969560]},
{name: 'Espace Job', coords: [43.6164200,1.4076825]},
{name: 'Boulevard de suisse', coords: [43.6170028,1.4220444]},
{name: 'Fondeyre (estimation)', coords: [43.6294087,1.4294307]},
{name: 'La Vache SNCF', coords: [43.6346464,1.4398956]},
{name: 'Toulouse Lautrec (estimation)', coords: [43.6270672,1.4443802]},
{name: 'Raynal', coords: [43.6168462,1.4508390]},
{name: 'Bonnefoy (estimation)', coords: [43.6176851,1.4598298]},
{name: 'Marengo', coords: [43.6107874,1.4550018]},
{name: 'Francois Verdier', coords: [43.6006259,1.4520406]},
{name: 'Jean Rieux (estimation)', coords: [43.5958397,1.4631342]},
{name: 'Cote Pavée (estimation)', coords: [43.5921460,1.4691190]},
{name: "L'Ormeau", coords: [43.5786969,1.4842483]},
{name: 'Montaudran', coords: [43.5734577,1.4805364]},
{name: 'Airbus Defence and Space', coords: [43.5600868,1.4983034]}
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