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Last active Feb 28, 2020
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Helpful fish aliases and stuff
# Store normal bins
alias _cat (which cat)
alias _find (which find)
alias _grep (which grep)
alias _ls (which ls)
alias _nano (which nano)
# Alias cool and swag bins
alias cat 'bat'
alias find 'fd'
alias grep 'rg'
alias ls 'exa'
alias nano 'micro'
# Helpful
alias cfg 'nano ~/.config/fish/'
alias rl 'source ~/.config/fish/'
alias py 'python3.8'
alias woff2 'woff2_compress'
alias wg-up 'sudo wg-quick up wg0'
alias wg-down 'sudo wg-quick down wg0'
alias lsbin 'ls ~/.local/bin'
function binify
mv $argv ~/.local/bin/
function unbinify
mv ~/.local/bin/$argv .
function rmbin
rm ~/.local/bin/$argv
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