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Always learning

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Always learning
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DECLARE @langId int
DECLARE @siteNodeId int
DECLARE @currentDomainRecord INT
DECLARE @pageObjectType VARCHAR(100)
DECLARE @domain VARCHAR(250)
SET @domain = ''
SET @pageObjectType = 'A2CB7800-F571-4787-9638-BC48539A0EFB'
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Last active July 15, 2023 09:53
Things I need to install on a fresh laptop
  • Visual Studio
  • PaperCut (smpt server)
  • VSCode
  • Gitkraken
  • Terminal - with nice mod
  • Slack / Discord
  • Browsers - Edge, Chrome, Brave?
  • Sql Server
  • Spotify / Sonos Controller
  • WhatsApp App

Really? Is that your job title??

Why do I say that?

When it comes to getting jobs, it's not easy for me, I go to the interview, answer all their questions with confidence and ease until the technical questions start. I freeze, panic and more often than not, I don't get the job because I know deep down the technical questions have let me done.

When at university, as part of my studies I was given the chance to do a year working for a company. I applied to a number of different companies and one of them was Microsoft. Thousands of people applied from all over the UK. The selection process went like this

OwainWilliams / wt.json
Created December 2, 2020 17:16
Windows Terminal Settings
"defaults": {
"fontFace": "Cascadia Code PL",
"Set-Theme": "Paradox",
"useAcrylic": true,
"acrylicOpacity": 0.5
@inherits UmbracoViewPage<Form>
@{ Layout = null; }
<script src="/umbraco/lib/tinymce/tinymce.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
selector: '.textareaRTE',
branding: false,
OwainWilliams /
Created July 10, 2020 09:56 — forked from tterb/
A collection of README badges



MIT License GPLv3 License AGPL License


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Last active May 22, 2020 10:02
Is this safe?

PageData will contact the contents of a div, so there will be HTML within it. I've disabled validateinput to allow for 'potentially dangerous' data.

  public class PDFController:SurfaceController
        [System.Web.Http.HttpPost, ValidateInput(false)]
        public ActionResult GeneratePDF(string fileName)

 var PDFMeContent = Request.Form["PageData"];
OwainWilliams / Umbraco - Delete Older Versions.sql
Created February 4, 2020 15:45 — forked from enkelmedia/Umbraco - Delete Older Versions.sql
Remove older content versions from the Umbraco database (tested on v7.9.2)
This SQL will clean up older versions of content from the umbraco database. Note that that the "tmp.RowNum"-condition
is used to set the number of versions to keep for each content node this can be changed if needed.
Note 2: If you have lots of versions (like we had) you might need to execute the delete-statements with a offset/fetch-setup in steps.
IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#tmp') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #tmp
Select VersionID into #tmp FROM cmsDocument
OwainWilliams / SQL-To-DataTable.cs
Created September 17, 2019 16:10 — forked from hanssens/SQL-To-DataTable.cs
[C#] SQL Query to Databable to CSV
// Simple example for
// 1.) Read a sql server query to datatable;
// 2.) Export it to .csv
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var connectionString = @"data source=bla bla bla";
var selectQuery = "select * from my-table;";
public object UploadCSV()
HttpPostedFile attachmentcsv = HttpContext.Current.Request.Files["file"];
var httpRequest = HttpContext.Current.Request;
if (httpRequest.Files.Count < 1)