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Find and (safely) kill long running MongoDB ops
function(op) {
if(op.secs_running > 5) printjson(op);
// kills long running ops in MongoDB (taking seconds as an arg to define "long")
// attempts to be a bit safer than killing all by excluding replication related operations
// and only targeting queries as opposed to commands etc.
killLongRunningOps = function(maxSecsRunning) {
currOp = db.currentOp();
for (oper in currOp.inprog) {
op = currOp.inprog[oper-0];
if (op.secs_running > maxSecsRunning && op.op == "query" && !op.ns.startsWith("local")) {
print("Killing opId: " + op.opid
+ " running for over secs: "
+ op.secs_running);
//example: killLongRunningOps(5)
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