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Created January 14, 2019 07:28
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Display graphs with networkx
from __future__ import division
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx
import copy
class Graph:
def __init__(self,adj,labels):
self.adj = adj
self.char_list = labels
self.lab = dict(enumerate(labels))
self.edge_labels = {(n1,n2) : adj[n1,n2] for n1,v1 in enumerate(labels) for n2,v2 in enumerate(labels) if (adj[n1,n2] > 0)}
self.G = nx.from_numpy_matrix(adj)
#Return the most central nodes. These have
def most_central(self,F=1,cent_type='betweenness'):
if cent_type == 'betweenness':
ranking = nx.betweenness_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'closeness':
ranking = nx.closeness_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'eigenvector':
ranking = nx.eigenvector_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'harmonic':
ranking = nx.harmonic_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'katz':
ranking = nx.katz_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'load':
ranking = nx.load_centrality(self.G).items()
elif cent_type == 'degree':
ranking = nx.degree_centrality(self.G).items()
ranks = [r for n,r in ranking]
cent_dict = dict([(self.lab[n],r) for n,r in ranking])
m_centrality = sum(ranks)
if len(ranks) > 0:
m_centrality = m_centrality/len(ranks)
#Create a graph with the nodes above the cutoff centrality- remove the low centrality nodes
thresh = F*m_centrality
lab = {}
for k in self.lab:
lab[k] = self.lab[k]
g = Graph(self.adj.copy(),self.char_list)
for n,r in ranking:
if r < thresh:
del g.lab[n]
return (cent_dict,thresh,g)
#Displays the graph visualization
def show(self,path=None):
pos = nx.spring_layout(self.G)
edge_weights = dict([((u,v),int(d['weight'])) for u,v,d in self.G.edges(data=True)])
if path is None:
if __name__ == '__main__':
adj = np.array([[0,1,1],[1,0,0],[0,0,1]])
node_labels = ['v1','v2','v3']
g = Graph(adj,node_labels) # set path to None to display'mygraph.png') # set path to save
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