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Free monad sample
package me.panavtec
import cats.{Id, ~>}
object UserInteractionApplication {
sealed trait UserInteraction[A]
case object Ask extends UserInteraction[String]
case class Tell(what: String) extends UserInteraction[Unit]
implicit def liftFree[A](u: UserInteraction[A]): Free[UserInteraction, A] = Free.liftF(u)
def interpreter = new (UserInteraction ~> Id) {
override def apply[A](fa: UserInteraction[A]): Id[A] = fa match {
case Ask => StdIn.readLine
case Tell(what: String) => println(what)
def program: Free[UserInteraction, Unit] = for {
_ <- Tell("Introduce any input")
input <- Ask
_ <- Tell(input)
} yield ()
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = repeat(program)(3).foldMap(interpreter)
def repeat[A[_], B](free: Free[A, B])(times: Int): Free[A, B] =
free.flatMap(a => if (times == 0) Free.pure(a) else repeat(free)(times - 1))
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