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Byobu (over SSH) Cheat Sheet

Byobu (over SSH) Cheat Sheet

I often find myself using Byobu on a Linux machine when connected to it over SSH. In doing so, I've noticed that many of the documented keyboard shortcuts don't work. This can be due to the native PC's OS intercepting certain keys, or possibly other reasons.

Below is a cheatsheet with Byobu features I have found usually work when run over a SSH connection.

Action Windows + Putty to Ubuntu MacOS + Terminal to Ubuntu
Help menu BASH: byobu-config FN-F1
Create new window CTRL-a c CTRL-a c or FN-F2
Previous window CTRL-a p CTRL-a p or FN-F3
Next window CTRL-a n CTRL-a n or FN-F4
Detach CTRL-a d CTRL-a d
Retitle window CTRL-a A CTRL-a A
Move to window CTRL-a <N> CTRL-a <N>
Kill windows/close CTRL-a \ CTRL-a \
Switch between 2 windows CTRL-a CTRL-a CTRL-a CTRL-a
Add pane horizontal CTRL-a % CTRL-a %
Add pane vertical CTRL-a | CTRL-a |
Add pane menu CTRL-a > CTRL-a >
Switch panes CTRL-a TAB CTRL-a TAB
Menu to select window CTRL-a " CTRL-a "
Scrollback mode CTRL-a [ CTRL-a [
Buffer up/down (in scrollback mode) PAGEUP / PAGEDOWN FN-SHIFT-ARROWS
Scrollback copy selected ENTER / RETURN ENTER / RETURN
Paste copied text CTRL-a ] CTRL-a ]
Close window w/confirm CTRL-a k CTRL-a-k
Close window/pane CTRL-d or exit CTRL-d or exit

Other Notes

  • Configuration menu (run from BASH shell): byobu-config

  • Remote into another user session

    • Option 1: su user then byobu
    • Option 2: sudo -u user byobu
  • SecureCRT sometimes has issues where the counting time on the bottom status bar causes the SecureCRT terminal to move up a line each second

    • I have found that unchecking the box Terminal > Emulation > Modes > Initial modes > Line wrap in the session settings clears this issue up
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