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Antoś Bućko Paladin-Dranser

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Paladin-Dranser / authorizeProjectConfiguration.groovy
Last active Jan 14, 2021
Jenkins: Groovy script to configure Authorize Project settings
View authorizeProjectConfiguration.groovy
* The script removes Build Authorization settings
* (Jenkins - Configure Global Security - Access Control for Builds)
* and creates:
* - Per-project 'Run as Specific User'
* - Default Project 'Run as User Who Triggered Build'
* Issue:
* Authorize Project plugin doesn't full support JCasC plugin configuration
* For more details, see:
Paladin-Dranser / deleteEmptyViews.groovy
Last active Sep 24, 2020
Jenkins: Groovy script to delete empty views
View deleteEmptyViews.groovy
* This script deletes empty views
import jenkins.model.Jenkins
import hudson.model.View
Jenkins instance = Jenkins.get()
ArrayList<View> views = instance.getViews()
Paladin-Dranser / cleanupJenkinsWorkspaces.groovy
Last active Sep 24, 2020 — forked from EvilBeaver/cleanupJenkinsWorkspaces.groovy
Jenkins: Groovy script to clean up workspace on Jenkins agents
View cleanupJenkinsWorkspaces.groovy
import hudson.model.*;
import hudson.util.*;
import jenkins.model.*;
import hudson.FilePath.FileCallable;
import hudson.slaves.OfflineCause;
import hudson.node_monitors.*;
void performCleanup(node, items) {
for (item in items) {