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Created Sep 3, 2016
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LOAD:0040F310 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================
LOAD:0040F310 .globl ATP_CMS_Init
LOAD:0040F310 ATP_CMS_Init: # CODE XREF: main+454p
LOAD:0040F310 # DATA XREF: main+44Co ...
LOAD:0040F310 var_18 = -0x18
LOAD:0040F310 var_10 = -0x10
LOAD:0040F310 var_C = -0xC
LOAD:0040F310 var_8 = -8
LOAD:0040F310 li $gp, 0xDE4A0
LOAD:0040F318 addu $gp, $t9
LOAD:0040F31C addiu $sp, -0x28
LOAD:0040F320 sw $ra, 0x28+var_8($sp)
LOAD:0040F324 sw $s1, 0x28+var_C($sp)
LOAD:0040F328 sw $s0, 0x28+var_10($sp)
LOAD:0040F32C sw $gp, 0x28+var_18($sp)
LOAD:0040F330 li $v0, 0x4E0000
LOAD:0040F334 nop
LOAD:0040F338 addiu $s0, $v0, (off_4E2264 - 0x4E0000)
LOAD:0040F33C lw $v0, (off_4E2268 - 0x4E2264)($s0)
LOAD:0040F340 nop
LOAD:0040F344 beqz $v0, loc_40F3AC
LOAD:0040F348 move $s1, $zero
LOAD:0040F34C loc_40F34C: # CODE XREF: ATP_CMS_Init+8Cj
LOAD:0040F34C lw $t9, 4($s0)
LOAD:0040F350 nop
LOAD:0040F354 jalr $t9
LOAD:0040F358 nop
LOAD:0040F35C lw $gp, 0x28+var_18($sp)
LOAD:0040F360 move $s1, $v0
LOAD:0040F364 la $a1, loc_490000
LOAD:0040F368 la $t9, fprintf
LOAD:0040F36C addiu $a1, (aFatalModuleSIn - 0x490000) # "Fatal: Module %s init return %d.\n"
LOAD:0040F370 beqz $v0, loc_40F390
LOAD:0040F374 move $a3, $v0
LOAD:0040F378 la $v0, stderr
LOAD:0040F37C lw $a2, 0($s0)
LOAD:0040F380 lw $a0, (stderr - 0x50D594)($v0)
LOAD:0040F384 jalr $t9 ; fprintf
LOAD:0040F388 nop
LOAD:0040F38C lw $gp, 0x28+var_18($sp)
LOAD:0040F390 loc_40F390: # CODE XREF: ATP_CMS_Init+60j
LOAD:0040F390 addiu $s0, 0x10
LOAD:0040F394 lw $v0, 4($s0)
LOAD:0040F398 nop
LOAD:0040F39C bnez $v0, loc_40F34C
LOAD:0040F3A0 nop
LOAD:0040F3A4 bnez $s1, loc_40F3C4
LOAD:0040F3A8 nop
LOAD:0040F3AC loc_40F3AC: # CODE XREF: ATP_CMS_Init+34j
LOAD:0040F3AC la $t9, ATP_CMS_DoAfterModuleInit
LOAD:0040F3B0 nop
LOAD:0040F3B4 jalr $t9 ; ATP_CMS_DoAfterModuleInit
LOAD:0040F3B8 nop
LOAD:0040F3BC lw $gp, 0x28+var_18($sp)
LOAD:0040F3C0 nop
LOAD:0040F3C4 loc_40F3C4: # CODE XREF: ATP_CMS_Init+94j
LOAD:0040F3C4 la $t9, ATP_MSG_SendSimpleMsg
LOAD:0040F3C8 li $a1, 0x2000F
LOAD:0040F3D0 move $a0, $zero
LOAD:0040F3D4 jalr $t9 ; ATP_MSG_SendSimpleMsg
LOAD:0040F3D8 move $a2, $zero
LOAD:0040F3DC move $v0, $s1
LOAD:0040F3E0 lw $gp, 0x28+var_18($sp)
LOAD:0040F3E4 lw $ra, 0x28+var_8($sp)
LOAD:0040F3E8 lw $s1, 0x28+var_C($sp)
LOAD:0040F3EC lw $s0, 0x28+var_10($sp)
LOAD:0040F3F0 jr $ra
LOAD:0040F3F4 addiu $sp, 0x28
LOAD:0040F3F4 # End of function ATP_CMS_Init
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