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Panajev / ExportOptionsPlistKeys.txt
Created Mar 1, 2019 — forked from DanBodnar/ExportOptionsPlistKeys.txt
xcodebuild -exportOptionsPlist available keys
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compileBitcode : Bool
For non-App Store exports, should Xcode re-compile the app from bitcode? Defaults to YES.
embedOnDemandResourcesAssetPacksInBundle : Bool
For non-App Store exports, if the app uses On Demand Resources and this is YES, asset packs are embedded in the app bundle so that the app can be tested without a server to host asset packs. Defaults to YES unless onDemandResourcesAssetPacksBaseURL is specified.
iCloudContainerEnvironment : String
Panajev / RepeatingTimer.swift
Created Oct 24, 2018 — forked from danielgalasko/RepeatingTimer.swift
A repeating GCD timer that can run on a background queue
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/// RepeatingTimer mimics the API of DispatchSourceTimer but in a way that prevents
/// crashes that occur from calling resume multiple times on a timer that is
/// already resumed (noted by
class RepeatingTimer {
let timeInterval: TimeInterval
init(timeInterval: TimeInterval) {
self.timeInterval = timeInterval
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