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Parthiban Soundram ParthibanSoundram

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from datetime import datetime
from pytz import timezone
format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z%z"
print("----------------DateTime to timezone Local time---------------")
date_str = "2018-12-17 17:04:10"
datetime_obj_naive = datetime.strptime(date_str, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
satish-setty /
Last active Oct 17, 2020 — forked from huqi/trial.key
Beyond Compare 4 license for Linux

Beyond Compare 4.x

Licensed to: ASIO Allsoftinone Quantity: 1 user Serial number: 1822-9597 License type: Pro Edition for Linux

First delete away trial mode:

sudo sed -i "s/keexjEP3t4Mue23hrnuPtY4TdcsqNiJL-5174TsUdLmJSIXKfG2NGPwBL6vnRPddT7tH29qpkneX63DO9ECSPE9rzY1zhThHERg8lHM9IBFT+rVuiY823aQJuqzxCKIE1bcDqM4wgW01FH6oCBP1G4ub01xmb4BGSUG6ZrjxWHJyNLyIlGvOhoY2HAYzEtzYGwxFZn2JZ66o4RONkXjX0DF9EzsdUef3UAS+JQ+fCYReLawdjEe6tXCv88GKaaPKWxCeaUL9PejICQgRQOLGOZtZQkLgAelrOtehxz5ANOOqCaJgy2mJLQVLM5SJ9Dli909c5ybvEhVmIC0dc9dWH+/N9KmiLVlKMU7RJqnE+WXEEPI1SgglmfmLc1yVH7dqBb9ehOoKG9UE+HAE1YvH1XX2XVGeEqYUY-Tsk7YBTz0WpSpoYyPgx6Iki5KLtQ5G-aKP9eysnkuOAkrvHU8bLbGtZteGwJarev03PhfCioJL4OSqsmQGEvDbHFEbNl1qJtdwEriR+VNZts9vNNLk7UGfeNwIiqpxjk4Mn09nmSd8FhM4ifvcaIbNCRoMPGl6KU12iseSe+w+1kFsLhX+OhQM8WXcWV10cGqBzQE9OqOLUcg9n0krrR3KrohstS9smTwEx9olyLYppvC0p5i7dAx2deWvM1ZxKNs0BvcXGukR+/g" /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare
View OTX Example API Calls
= Examples of how OTX API calls relate different indicator types =
Official documentation is available at but may be missing a couple of the newer calls
These are some unofficial notes
The API key below is for a dummy demo account. It should work but I would suggest using your own.
Some of the JSON responses are quite nested, and editor such as may be useful
== Input: Hostname / Domain ==
The following calls can be made for both domains and hostname, ie you can swap 'hostname' with 'domain' below.
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