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A small console app that generates a git-tfs author file for users on a TFS server. This is used by the git-tfs bridge to map TFS users to git users when migrating a repository.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using System.Linq;
using System.Net;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Client;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Common;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client;
namespace AuthorFileGenerator
/// <summary>The entry point for the console application.</summary>
public static class Program
/// <summary>Execute the author file generator.</summary>
public static void Main()
new AuthorGenerator().Scan("http://tfs:8080/tfs");
/// <summary>Generates a git-tfs author mapping for all users found on a TFS server.</summary>
/// <remarks>
/// This script is used to generate a git-tfs author mapping for migrating from TFS to git. It
/// will generate a list like the following:
/// <code>
/// DOMAIN\john.smith = John Smith &lt;;
/// DOMAIN\roni.scheutz = Roni Scheutz &lt;;
/// DOMAIN\shanel.jones = Shanel Jones &lt;;
/// </code>
/// See This is based on a code sample
/// by Roni Scheutz @
/// </remarks>
public class AuthorGenerator
** Public methods
/// <summary>Connect to a TFS server and generate a git-tfs author file for all users found.</summary>
/// <param name="url">The root TFS URL, like "http://team:8080/tfs".</param>
public void Scan(string url)
// scan for TFS users
List<Identity> identities = new List<Identity>();
TfsConfigurationServer server = this.GetServer(url, CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials);
Console.WriteLine("Scanning TFS for users...");
foreach (TfsTeamProjectCollection collection in this.GetProjectCollections(server))
Console.WriteLine(" collection: {0}", collection.Name);
foreach (Project project in this.GetProjects(collection))
Console.WriteLine(" project: {0}", project.Name);
identities.AddRange(this.GetUsers(project, collection));
catch (Exception ex)
Console.WriteLine("\tThe Project: '{0}' throws an exception: {1} and will be ignored.", project.Name, ex.Message);
// get unique users
Identity[] users = (
from Identity rawIdentity in identities
group rawIdentity by rawIdentity.DistinguishedName into identityGroup
orderby identityGroup.First().AccountName
select identityGroup.First()
// display list
Console.Write("\n\nDetected users\n--------------\n");
foreach (Identity identity in users)
Console.WriteLine(@"{0}\{1} = {2} <{3}>", identity.Domain, identity.AccountName, identity.DisplayName, identity.MailAddress);
** Protected methods
/// <summary>Get the TFS configuration server.</summary>
/// <param name="url">The root TFS URL, like "http://team:8080/tfs".</param>
/// <param name="credentials">The TFS credentials with which to access the server.</param>
protected TfsConfigurationServer GetServer(string url, ICredentials credentials)
// get server
TfsConfigurationServer server = new TfsConfigurationServer(new Uri(url), credentials, new UICredentialsProvider());
// authenticate
if (!server.HasAuthenticated)
throw new InvalidOperationException("Authentication to TFS failed.");
return server;
/// <summary>Get the TFS project collections.</summary>
/// <param name="server">The TFS server from which to read the project collections.</param>
protected IEnumerable<TfsTeamProjectCollection> GetProjectCollections(TfsConfigurationServer server)
ReadOnlyCollection<CatalogNode> projectNodes = server.CatalogNode.QueryChildren(new[] { CatalogResourceTypes.ProjectCollection }, false, CatalogQueryOptions.None);
foreach (CatalogNode projectNode in projectNodes)
yield return server.GetTeamProjectCollection(new Guid(projectNode.Resource.Properties["InstanceId"]));
/// <summary>Get the TFS projects in a collection.</summary>
/// <param name="collection">The TFS project collection.</param>
protected IEnumerable<Project> GetProjects(TfsTeamProjectCollection collection)
WorkItemStore workItemStore = collection.GetService<WorkItemStore>();
return workItemStore.Projects.Cast<Project>();
/// <summary>Get the users in a TFS project.</summary>
/// <param name="project">The TFS project.</param>
/// <param name="collection">The TFS project collection.</param>
protected IEnumerable<Identity> GetUsers(Project project, TfsTeamProjectCollection collection)
// get identity service
VersionControlServer versionControl = collection.GetService<VersionControlServer>();
TeamProject teamProject = versionControl.GetTeamProject(project.Name);
IGroupSecurityService securityService = collection.GetService<IGroupSecurityService>();
// get identities
Identity[] appGroups = securityService.ListApplicationGroups(teamProject.ArtifactUri.AbsoluteUri);
foreach (Identity group in appGroups)
Identity[] groupMembers = securityService.ReadIdentities(SearchFactor.Sid, new string[] { group.Sid }, QueryMembership.Expanded);
foreach (Identity member in groupMembers)
if (member.Members != null)
foreach (string memberSid in member.Members)
Identity memberInfo = securityService.ReadIdentity(SearchFactor.Sid, memberSid, QueryMembership.None);
if (memberInfo.Type == IdentityType.WindowsUser)
yield return memberInfo;
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