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Thanks, Thunder, for doing 99% of the work. Source Rhans and Powdinet also contributed a tiny little. I just formatted it.

This is kind of half-assed, but better than plain text.

WRs made after the IL deletion are not included (are there any?).

555 We Tip by Wuzi 3m 50s
8-Track by darles92 4m 27s
A Home In The Hills by Anton103 2m 50s
Against All Odds by LESHENKA 1m 30s
Amphibious Assault by Joshimuz 2m 23s
Architectural Espionage by Wuzi 1m 47s
Are You Going To San Fierro by Wuzi 2m 29s
Backroad Wanderer by darkgeorge12 1m 23s
Badlands by Blantas 1m 00s | Bloopers
Badlands A by lelreset 2m 04s
Badlands B by lelreset 2m 11s
Bandito Country by Vores 1m 55s
Barnstorming by darkgeorge12 4m 35s
Beat Down On B Dup by thriving 1m 38s
Beat The Cock Palomino Creek by darkgeorge12 10m 31s
Beat The Cock Santa Maria Beach by darkgeorge12 4m 38s
Big Smoke by lelreset 2m 17s
Birdseye Winder by darkgeorge12 2m 27s
Black Project by Masak0vske 2m 22s
BMX Challenge by darkgeorge12 0m 28s
Boat School: Basic Seamanship by Blantas 0m 02s
Boat School: Fresh Slalom by Blantas 1m 05s
Boat School: Land, Sea and Air by darkgeorge12 1m 56s
Boat School: Plot a Course by Blantas 0m 23s
Body Harvest by thriving 1m 45s
Breaking The Bank At Caligula's by Wuzi 6m 22s
Burning Desire by Bartoloxxd 2m 44s
Burglar by IanAC 4m 07s Removed video
Catalyst by Thunder and 78616965 1m 54s | Thunder | 78616965
Cesar Vialpando by lelreset 3m 13s In a Any% run (no video)
Chopper Checkpoint by wangster 2m 07s
City Circuit by Blantas 1m 20s
Cleaning The Hood by Blantas 1m 18s
Cobra Run by darkgeorge12 0m 59s
Cop Wheels by Mehmet. 6m 16s
Country Endurance by TDMystic 4m 09s Removed video
Customs Fast Track by Wuzi 2m 48s
Cut Throat Business by Andra 3m 13s
Dam And Blast by Wuzi 4m 01s
Dam Rider by Vores 1m 43s
Deconstruction by Powdinet 0m 48s
Desert Tricks by wangster 1m 49s
Dirt Track by darkgeorge12 4m 50s
Dirtbike Danger by Vores 1m 25s
Doberman by Blantas 1m 06s
Don Peyote by Wuzi 2m 07s
Drive-By by Wuzi 1m 59s
Drive-Thru by Redlof and lelreset 0m 59s lelreset
Driving School: Burn and Lap by astra 0m 32s
Driving School: City Slicking by Blantas 1m 12s
End Of The Line by Masak0vske 10m 58s
Explosive Situation by Mehmet. 2m 10s
Fender Ketchup by Redlof 0m 48s
Firefighter by sett3 3m 48s
Freefall by Redlof 3m 47s
Freeway by darkgeorge12 1m 48s
Go-Go Kart by darkgeorge12 1m 42s
Gray Imports by darkgeorge12 0m 30s
Green Goo by Wuzi 2m 19s
Grove 4 Life by Anton103 2m 36s
Heli Hell by cazpersky 2m 19s
High Noon by LESHENKA 0m 28s
High Stakes, Low Rider by Redlof 1m 26s | Race only by darkgeorge12 0m 53s
Highjack by FLYING 1m 23s
Home Coming by Wuzi and Anton103 2m 06s | Anton103
Home Invasion by Andra 2m 40s
House Party by Powdinet 0m 38s
Ice Cold Killa by Wuzi 0m 50s
Intensive Care by Wuzi 2m 39s
Interdiction by Wuzi 3m 24s
Into the Country by Tier4Jean 2m 42s
Jizzy by Wuzi 3m 26s
Just Business by Wuzi 4m 27s
Key To Her Heart by Wuzi 5m 25s
Learning To Fly by Wuzi 7m 05s
Life's A Beach by lelreset 1m 46s In a Any% run
Little Loop by darkgeorge12 0m 38s
Local Liquor Store by thriving 1m 12s
Los Desperados by Anton103 2m 17s
Los Sepulcros by Wuzi 3m 44s
Lure by Wuzi 2m 23s
LV Ringroad by Blantas 1m 52
Madd Dogg by Wuzi 1m 26s
Madd Dogg's Rhymes by Blantas 1m 49s
Management Issues by Redlof 1m 33s
Mike Toreno by Wuzi 4m 06s
Military Service by shrouwehkuggah 3m 49s
Misappropriation by Wuzi and TheGareY 0m 14s | Wuzi | TheGareY
Monster Race timing by darkgeorge12 3m 42s
Mountain Cloud Boys by lelreset 1m 12s
N.O.E by Redlof 3m 16s
New Model Army by Wuzi 3m 25s
Nines And AK's by Blantas 2m 26s
NRG-500 Challenge by darkgeorge12 0m 33s
OG Loc by Blantas 1m 56s
Outrider by Wuzi and another person 4m 19s
Paramedic by FLYING 14m 07s
Photo Opportunity by Wuzi 2m 06s
Pier 69 by Wuzi and another person 0m 50s
Pilot School: Barrel Roll by ~Various 0m 17s
Pilot School: Circle Airstrip by Blantas 0m 40s
Pilot School: Circle Airstrip and Land by darkgeorge12 1m 06s
Pilot School: Destroy Targets by UltimaOmega07 0m 32s
Pilot School: Helicopter Takeoff by ~Various 0m 16s
Pilot School: Land Helicopter by thriving 0m 13s
Pilot School: Land Plane by ~Various 0m 10s
Pilot School: Loop-the-Loop by ~Various 0m 21s
Pilot School: Parachute Onto Target by Blantas 0m 47s
Pilot School: Takeoff by Blantas 0m 10s
Pimping by FLYING 10m 38s
Puncture Wounds by Wuzi 1m 22s
Quarry 1 by Wuzi 1m 17s
Quarry 2 by Akzo 1m 15s
Quarry 3 by Akzo 0m 12s
Quarry 4 by Akzo 0m 38s
Quarry 5 by Wuzi 1m 19s
Quarry 6 by Wuzi 1m 38s
Quarry 7 by Tier4Jean 3m 06s
Ran Fa Li by Wuzi 2m 09s
Reuniting The Families by Wuzi and another person 4m 35s
Riot: Finish by Wuzi 0m 43s
Robbing Uncle Sam by lelreset 2m 57s In a Any% run
Running Dog by Blantas 0m 36s
Ryder by lelreset 1m 40s
Saint Mark's Bistro by Wuzi 4m 34s
San Fierro Fastlane by darkgeorge12 1m 23s
San Fierro Hills by darkgeorge12 3m 50s
Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route by darkgeorge12 1m 18s
SF to LV by Tier4Jean 2m 27s
Small Town Bank by Wuzi 2m 36s
Snail Trail by Redlof and another person 4m 19s
Stowaway by 78616965 and lelreset 0m 13s | 78616965: | lelreset
Supply Lines by Bartoloxxd 4m 19s
Sweet's Girl by Wuzi 1m 11s
T-Bone Mendez by TriplePat 1m 28s
Tagging Up Turf by thriving 2m 10s
Tanker Commander by Redlof 1m 42s
Taxi Driver by lelreset 33m 15s
Test Drive by Rocket1921 3m 18s
The Da Nang Thang by Wuzi 2m 50s
The Green Sabre by Blantas 1m 31s
The Meat Business by Wuzi 2m 41s
Toreno's Last Flight by Wuzi 0m 33s
Trucking 1 by Wuzi 0m 41s
Trucking 2 by Wuzi 1m 29s
Trucking 3 by Akzo 1m 36s
Trucking 4 by FLYING 1m 34s
Trucking 5 by FLYING 1m 25s
Trucking 6 by FLYING 1m 32s
Trucking 7 by FLYING 1m 32s
Trucking 8 by FLYING 1m 52s
Up, Up, And Away! by Wuzi 5m 17s
Vertical Bird: Finish by illuminati7777 2m 09s
Vigilante by Wuzi 3m 30s
Vinewood by darkgeorge12 2m 11s
Wear Flowers In Your Hair by Wuzi 2m 53s
Whirly Bird Waypoint by darkgeorge12 1m 59s
World War Ace by darkgeorge12 1m 46s
Wrong Side Of The Tracks by lelreset 0m 54s
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom by Wuzi 2m 13s
You've Had Your Chips by Wuzi 1m 53s
Zeroing in by lelreset 0m 43s

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