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View iOS, The Future Of macOS, Freedom, Security And Privacy In An Increasingly Hostile Global

iOS, The Future Of macOS, Freedom, Security And Privacy In An Increasingly Hostile Global Environment

This post by a security researcher who prefers to remain anonymous will elucidate concerns about certain problematic decisions Apple has made and caution about future decisions made in the name of “security” while potentially hiding questionable motives. The content of this article represents only the opinion of the researcher. The researcher apologises if any content is seen to be inaccurate, and is open to comments or questions through PGP-encrypted mail.


PaulCapestany /
Created Mar 8, 2018 — forked from pesterhazy/
Using ripgrep in Emacs using helm-ag (Spacemacs)


Ripgrep is a fast search tool like grep. It's mostly a drop-in replacement for ag, also know as the Silver Searcher.

helm-ag is a fantastic package for Emacs that allows you to display search results in a buffer. You can also jump to locations of matches. Despite the name, helm-ag works with ripgrep (rg) as well as with ag.


import graphviz as gv
import sys
import json
graph = gv.Graph(format='svg')
lngraph = json.load(sys.stdin)
for node in lngraph['nodes']:
nodename = node['pub_key'][-6:]
View gist:66da0129b68d5f108392af3aa84a760e
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDMZVkQgmH/RIIDkUhDq0nbVQg2xHdWAyjAvYEJ1CcNPn5F7LAkPYP6/ZqYy5QfxhLedfvS1KFOOIryhibNICQMA5LTkXVNEDZ3HHysDVEdom8VHFAfwIpMlKvXavSxToknh5mLm+Kbqloga8jzQJdDFDHwgrmlDzeB3fBwp13N9u3GJYwe16p7YNRL9AO5g2Hi7KuVPWbaY93pQOQDbDCId1avYk+qxKYB5bD6RYVtogNaY73SYCnCD0hZK/z2pMH9Tl3zq0lmqyKPhjXRLXT9vHTmEjez2lpPQCpOHSj5YUR1otcDPS17+KtHQVTLXd9UxQWeR9uOW9Y6hqDuQDMf
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package main
import (

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Last active Feb 18, 2016
Unexpected `isDocumentPending`/CBL behaviour

Setup to reproduce

Follow these instructions in order to use Apple's "Network Link Conditioner" to test different connectivity qualities on both the simulator and on actual physical iOS devices.

In the ToDoLite-iOS project, change the kSyncGatewayUrl in AppDelegate.m if need be. Also, make sure that the FacebookAppID and URL Scheme in Info.plist is usable/accurate as well.

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# shortform git commands
alias g='git'
# cherry pick range of commits, starting from the tip of 'master', into 'preview' branch
git rev-list --reverse --topo-order master... | while read rev; do git checkout preview; git cherry-pick $rev || break; done
# create tracking branches for all remote branches
git branch -a | grep -v HEAD | perl -ne 'chomp($_); s|^\*?\s*||; if (m|(.+)/(.+)| && not $d{$2}) {print qq(git branch --track $2 $1/$2\n)} else {$d{$_}=1}' | csh -xfs;
# git reset newly added files