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from diagrams import Cluster, Diagram
from import Lambda
from import S3
from import APIGateway
from import DynamodbTable
from import IdentityAndAccessManagementIam
from import Codebuild
from import Codecommit
from import Codedeploy
from import Codepipeline
from import Cloudformation
from import CommandLineInterface
with Diagram("Serverless Web Apps", show=False, direction="TB"):
with Cluster("CloudFormation"):
cloudformation = Cloudformation("Stack")
cloudformation >> IdentityAndAccessManagementIam("IAM") >> Codecommit("CodeCommit") >> Codebuild("CodeBuild") >> S3("S3") >> Codepipeline("CodePipeline")
with Cluster("CodePipeline"):
codepipeline = Codepipeline("Pipeline")
codepipeline >> Codecommit("CodeCommit") >> Codebuild("CodeBuild") >> Cloudformation("CloudFormation")
with Cluster("Serverless Application Model"):
sam = Cloudformation("SAM Template")
sam >> APIGateway("API Gateway") >> Lambda("Lambda") >> DynamodbTable("DynamoDB")
cloudformation >> codepipeline >> sam
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