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// Note that this is not the production code
pragma solidity 0.5.6;
import "./IERC20.sol";
contract Wallet {
address internal token = 0x123...<hot_wallet_addr>;
address internal hotWallet = 0x321...<hot_wallet_addr>;
constructor() public {
// send all tokens from this contract to hotwallet
// selfdestruct to receive gas refund and reset nonce to 0
contract Fabric {
function createContract(uint256 salt) public {
// get wallet init_code
bytes memory bytecode = type(Wallet).creationCode;
assembly {
let codeSize := mload(bytecode) // get size of init_bytecode
let newAddr := create2(
0, // 0 wei
add(bytecode, 32), // the bytecode itself starts at the second slot. The first slot contains array length
codeSize, // size of init_code
salt // salt from function arguments
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