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Working from home

Tony Warwick Pebblo

Working from home
  • Event Espresso
  • Liverpool, UK
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View remove_accents_from_venue_slugs.php
<?php //Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one.
// This function removes any accents set on the Venues slugs so they can be used within values URLs.
add_filter( 'FHEE__EE_Register_CPTs__get_CPTs__cpts', 'dre_modify_visibility_of_event_espresso_cpt_in_admin' );
function dre_modify_visibility_of_event_espresso_cpt_in_admin( $cpt_registry_array ) {
if ( isset( $cpt_registry_array['espresso_venues'] ) ) {
$cpt_registry_array['espresso_venues']['singular_slug'] = remove_accents($cpt_registry_array['espresso_venues']['singular_slug']);
$cpt_registry_array['espresso_venues']['plural_slug'] = remove_accents($cpt_registry_array['espresso_venues']['plural_slug']);
return $cpt_registry_array;
Pebblo / display_next_upcoming_event.php
Last active Oct 11, 2019
A Shortcode to pull the next upcoming event and return 'Next course {start date} - Register'. You can set the category_slug parameter on the shortcode to pull a specific event category.
View display_next_upcoming_event.php
<?php // Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one.
function display_next_upcoming_event( $attributes = array() )
$where_conditions = array(
'Datetime.DTT_EVT_start' => array( '>=', EEM_Datetime::instance()->current_time_for_query( 'DTT_EVT_start' ) )
if (! empty($attributes['category_slug']) ) {
$where_conditions['Term_Relationship.Term_Taxonomy.Term.slug'] = 'first';
Pebblo / custom-functions-plugin.php
Created Oct 1, 2019
Example of a custom functions plugin
View custom-functions-plugin.php
Plugin Name: Site plugin for
Description: Site specific code for
/* Begin Adding Functions Below This Line; Do not include an opening PHP tag as this sample code already includes one! */
// Disable email match check for all users
add_filter( 'EED_WP_Users_SPCO__verify_user_access__perform_email_user_match_check', '__return_false' );
View example.php
// Example of hot to change the 'Proceed to Finalize Registration' text depending on the cart total.
add_filter ( 'FHEE__EE_SPCO_Reg_Step__set_submit_button_text___submit_button_text', 'ee_finalize_registration_button', 10, 2 );
function ee_finalize_registration_button( $submit_button_text, EE_Checkout $checkout ) {
if ( ! $checkout instanceof EE_Checkout || ! $checkout->current_step instanceof EE_SPCO_Reg_Step || ! $checkout->next_step instanceof EE_SPCO_Reg_Step ) {
return $submit_button_text;
if ( $checkout->next_step->slug() == 'finalize_registration' ) {
if ( $checkout->cart instanceof EE_Cart && $checkout->cart->get_cart_grand_total() != 0 ) {
View add_class_to_table_view_example.php
<?php // Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one
function tw_ee_add_class_to_hidden_table_rows() {
$("#ee_filter_cat, #filter").change(function() {
let ee_filter_table_rows = $(".espresso-table-row");
// console.log(ee_filter_cat_id);
ee_filter_table_rows.each(function() {
Pebblo / ical_organizer.php
Created Sep 23, 2019
Example of how to remove the ORGANIZER field from the ics.
View ical_organizer.php
<?php // Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one.
function tw_ee_remove_organizer_from_ics($ics_data, $datetime) {
return $ics_data;
add_filter('FHEE__EED_Ical__download_ics_file_ics_data', 'tw_ee_remove_organizer_from_ics', 10, 2);
Pebblo / example.php
Created Aug 19, 2019
How to change the 'No payments towards this transaction have been received.' on the thank you page
View example.php
<?php // Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one
// Change the 'No payments towards this transaction have been received.' text shown on the thank you page.
add_filter( 'FHEE__payment_overview_template__no_payments_made', 'tw_ee_no_payments_made_text' );
function tw_ee_no_payments_made_text() {
return 'Your custom text here';
Pebblo / tw_ee_check_all_checkboxes_for_primary_question_groups_on_create.php
Last active Aug 1, 2019
An example of how you can use jQuery to check all of EE's "Primary Registrant" questions groups when creating a new event. #EE #eventeditor #jquery
View tw_ee_check_all_checkboxes_for_primary_question_groups_on_create.php
<?php //Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one
function tw_ee_check_all_checkboxes_for_primary_question_groups_on_create() {
Pebblo / tw_ee_filter_powered_by_event_espresso.php
Last active Aug 1, 2019
Example of how to change the EE admin foot text to include details from other plugins. #EE #admin_general
View tw_ee_filter_powered_by_event_espresso.php
<?php //Please do not include the opening PHP tag if you already have one.
//Remove the EE espresso_admin_footer callback and add another which includes current content.
add_action('admin_init', 'tw_filter_admin_footer_text');
function tw_filter_admin_footer_text() {
$admin = EE_Registry::instance()->load_core('EE_Admin');
remove_filter('admin_footer_text', array($admin, 'espresso_admin_footer'));
add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'tw_ee_filter_powered_by_event_espresso');
function tw_ee_filter_powered_by_event_espresso($content = '')
Pebblo / ee_phone_input_validation.php
Created Jun 26, 2019
Example of how to override the validation stratey used on a EE_Phone_Input field.
View ee_phone_input_validation.php
<?php //Please do not include the opening PHP tag
add_filter('FHEE__EE_Form_Input_Base___construct__input_args', 'tw_ee_EE_Form_Input_Base___construct__input_args', 10, 2);
function tw_ee_EE_Form_Input_Base___construct__input_args( $input_args, $input ) {
if( $input instanceof EE_Phone_Input ) {
if( $input->has_validation_strategy('EE_Text_Validation_Strategy') ) {
new EE_Text_Validation_Strategy(
__('Please enter a valid phone number. Eg 123-456-7890 or 1234567890', 'event_espresso'),
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