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Peddro/Color.kt Secret

Last active Jan 26, 2022
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val LightColors = H19Colors(
primary = Blue,
background = Color.White,
textPrimary = Color.White,
onPrimary = Color.White,
onBackground = DarkGrey,
isLight = true
class H19Colors(
primary: Color,
background: Color,
textPrimary: Color,
onPrimary: Color,
onBackground: Color,
isLight: Boolean
) {
var primary by mutableStateOf(primary)
private set
var background by mutableStateOf(background)
private set
var textPrimary by mutableStateOf(textPrimary)
private set
var onPrimary by mutableStateOf(onPrimary)
private set
var onBackground by mutableStateOf(onBackground)
private set
var isLight by mutableStateOf(isLight)
private set
fun copy(
primary: Color = this.primary,
background: Color = this.background,
textPrimary: Color = this.textPrimary,
onPrimary: Color = this.onPrimary,
onBackground: Color = this.onBackground,
isLight: Boolean = this.isLight
): H19Colors = H19Colors(
fun updateColorsFrom(other: H19Colors) {
primary = other.primary
background = other.background
textPrimary = other.textPrimary
onPrimary = other.onPrimary
onBackground = other.onBackground
isLight = other.isLight
internal val LocalColors = staticCompositionLocalOf { LightColors }
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