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Last active Mar 16, 2020
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Author in a different document set (Medium article)
"id": "r?dskhuD9ewgvweosdJIe2s8u34br",
"name": "Pedro",
"surname": "Escudero",
"birth_year": "1976",
"nationality": "Spanish",
"alive": 1
"id": "s89ewbrur?dskhuDgvweosdJIe234",
"author_id": "r?dskhuD9ewgvweosdJIe2s8u34br",
"title": "Zombi Kidergarten",
"isbn": "11121m21232323232",
"publish:_date": "23-07-2012",
"chapters_numnber": 23,
"description": "Zombie tales - flash fiction"
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