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Petra Jaros Peeja

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Peeja / logged-parser.cljs
Created Sep 24, 2016
Om Next parser middleware that adds logging for debugging
View logged-parser.cljs
(defn logged-parser [parser]
(fn [env query target]
(js/console.groupCollapsed "parser:" (if target (str "(" target ")") ""))
(js/console.debug (with-out-str (pprint query)))
(let [ret (parser env query target)]
(js/console.debug (with-out-str (pprint ret)))
Peeja / rerender.cljs
Created Sep 9, 2016
What it appears to take to re-render the React tree when Figwheel reloads.
View rerender.cljs
;; Re-render when Figwheel reloads.
(gevents/listen js/document.body
(fn []
(let [root-component (om-next/app-root (compassus/get-reconciler a))]
(letfn [(js-vals [o]
(map #(aget o %) (js-keys o)))
;; Finds the children of a React internal instance of a component.
;; That could be a single _renderedComponent or several
;; _renderedChildren.

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  • I am peeja on github.
  • I am peeja ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is B2B0 C79D FC2C 19FD C31D 4E46 960B 8671 0FDE B8BE

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View using_arrays.rb
time = Time.mktime(2014, 10, 14, 12, 1)
allowed_ranges = [
[11, 59]..[12, 1],
formatted_time = [time.hour, time.min]
p allowed_ranges.any? { |range| range.cover?(formatted_time) }
View alias_method_chain_resilient.rb
module AliasMethodChainResilient
# Give us a module which will intercept attempts to alias methods named in
# the keys of method_aliases, and instead alias the methods named in the
# values of method_aliases.
def self.alias_intercepting_module(method_aliases) do
define_method :alias_method do |new_name, old_name|
if method_aliases.key?(old_name.to_sym)
super new_name, method_aliases[old_name.to_sym]
View mount-bug.rb
unless File.exist?('Gemfile')
File.write('Gemfile', <<-GEMFILE)
source ''
gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'
gem 'arel', github: 'rails/arel'
system 'bundle'
Peeja / hash_map.rb
Created Jul 2, 2013
A new use for Ruby's `protected`.
View hash_map.rb
# Say you're implementing a hash map, and you've got two
# sets of algorithms which are more efficient at
# different sizes:
class HashMap
class << self
def with_values(values)
if values.size > 64
Peeja / gist:5831155
Created Jun 21, 2013
"The goggles, they do nothing!" `rake db:test:prepare` appears to have become `rake test:prepare` in Rails 4, but the old task still exists and does nothing.
View gist:5831155
$ rake --trace db:test:prepare
** Invoke db:test:prepare (first_time)
** Execute db:test:prepare
$ rake --trace test:prepare
** Invoke test:prepare (first_time)
** Invoke db:test:prepare (first_time)
** Execute db:test:prepare
** Invoke db:test:load (first_time)
** Invoke db:test:purge (first_time)
Peeja / readable_big_decimal.rb
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Look at your code. Now back to me. Now back to your code. Now back to me. Your BigDecimals are now readable.
View readable_big_decimal.rb
module ReadableBigDecimal
def inspect
"<#{}: #{self.to_f}>"
BigDecimal(10) # => #<BigDecimal:7fcd7103ee68,'0.1E2',9(36)>
BigDecimal.send(:prepend, ReadableBigDecimal)
BigDecimal(10) # => #<BigDecimal: 10>
Peeja / tee_io.rb
Created Apr 30, 2013
TeeIO: A method for logging to a file and STDOUT at the same time. Or to any two or more IOs. Greatly inspired by James Edward Grey II.
View tee_io.rb
class TeeIO
# TeeIO will write to each of these IOs when it is written to.
def initialize(*ios)
@ios = ios
def write(data)
@ios.each { |io| io.write(data) }
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