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Created Oct 21, 2012 — forked from aronwoost/
How to install LAMP + Passenger on a EC2 Amazon AMI (mod_passenger + dependencies)

Many thanks to aronwoost for his great EC2 Lamp gist that this is forked from. I've modified parts of it, specifically around phpmyadmin configuration.

This gist additionally covers installing Phusion Passenger, Ruby Gems, all dependencies and the final configuration to get you up and running ASAP.

#LAMP Setup

Launch the instance and connect with ssh.

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Remaining keys:
* Dead Space Origin Key
* Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key
* Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key
* Medal of Honor Origin Key
* Mirror's Edge Origin Key
* Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Origin Key
* Gratuitous Space Battles Steam Key
* Planet Stronghold DLC Key
* Defender's Quest Steam Key
PenguinOfWar / Download and Organize Courses with unfortunately does not allow one to easily download course videos even with a premium subscription. Here, I show you how to easily do that with the open source youtube-dl utility.
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youtube-dl is a handy little command-line utility that, with the right command, automagically downloads videos from Youtube as well as other platforms such as Vimeo,, BBC, CNN etc..(Full list of supported websites)

Kindly proceed to youtube-dl's Github repo for detailed installation instructions for your respective OS

In case of an error, make sure you have Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2+ installed as youtube-dl needs it to run.


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config.supportedLocales = {
en_AO: 'en_MF',
en_BF: 'en_MF',
en_BI: 'en_MF',
en_BJ: 'en_MF',
en_BW: 'en_MF',
en_CF: 'en_MF',
en_CG: 'en_MF',
en_CI: 'en_MF',
en_CM: 'en_MF',
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