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kafka on Pop!_OS 19.04 - Homebrew build logs
Homebrew build logs for kafka on Pop!_OS 19.04
Build date: 2019-10-10 22:42:10
HEAD: aa043c1d678afd26f50156a83417c296cb9d5a4b
Last commit: 2 days ago
Core tap ORIGIN:
Core tap HEAD: df4ab94f5932feb43c3a48b63adabf8be06eacb4
Core tap last commit: 10 hours ago
HOMEBREW_PREFIX: /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew
HOMEBREW_CACHE: /home/dbelya01/.cache/Homebrew
HOMEBREW_LOGS: /home/dbelya01/.cache/Homebrew/Logs
CPU: octa-core 64-bit skylake
Homebrew Ruby: 2.5.5 => /usr/bin/ruby2.5
Clang: N/A
Git: 2.20.1 => /usr/bin/git
Curl: 7.64.0 => /usr/bin/curl
Kernel: Linux 5.0.0-31-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux
OS: Pop!_OS 19.04 (disco)
Host glibc: 2.29
/usr/bin/gcc: 8.3.0
glibc: N/A
gcc: 5.5.0_4
xorg: N/A
Your system is ready to brew.
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