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Last active Jan 16, 2017

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Personal information

Sviatoslav Abakumov
Novocherkassk, Russia


I'm a software engineer with passion for writing quality code. Programming has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration since school days, and I'm very proud now to work in this field and explore new possibilities with Python, Go, and Docker, and all the great power that these tools bring us.


Software Engineer at ProgForce, LLC

October 2013 – Present

Web scrapers, data aggregation, batch reverse geocoding, full-text search systems, distributed systems and containers, speech recognition.


  • Web application to manage collections of Facebook posts and Instagram media

    Technologies used:

    • Go for back-end services
    • Docker for containerization and distribution
    • PostgreSQL for data storage
  • Assessment kit for children with speech disorders

    Technologies used:

    • PySide for patient's UI
    • PocketSphinx for speech recognition
    • XMPP for communication between therapist and patient
    • Docker for deployment of services
    • Vue.js for UI of therapist's cockpit
  • Batch reverse geocoding

    Provide addresses from a list of over hundred million locations all over the globe.

    Technologies used:

    • Go for batching requests
    • Pelias for reverse geocoding
    • OpenStreetMap, OpenAddresses as source data
    • ElasticSearch for POI storage
    • Docker for clustering and distribution
  • YouTube subscription tracking middleware

    Track subscriptions for a given YouTube channel and reward users with virtual currency of a certain rewards platform.

    Technologies used:

    • Express for user processing
    • MongoDB for data storage
  • Ad campaign report aggregation

    Continuously collect data from multiple ad publisher and advertiser platforms and store it in database.

    Technologies used:

    • Gevent for concurrency
    • SQLAlchemy for database interactions
    • MySQL for data storage
    • Flask for dashboard


South-Russian State Polytechnic University

2008 – 2013

Faculty of Information Technologies and Control, Software Engineering Department

Open source


Aug 2015 – Dec 2015

Tiny GNU Stow–based package manager

I created steeve to handle manually built software and binary distributions. Instead of polluting /usr/local with binaries and libraries that aren't tracked by any package manager and thus cannot be safely removed or upgraded, steeve provides a structured approach that allows for managing multiple software versions in a matter of a command.


March 2013 – April 2014

Read, write and manipulate GP3, GP4 and GP5 files in Python

PyGuitarPro was a part of my thesis titled "Distributed version control system for guitar tablatures". Initially PyGuitarPro is a Python port of AlphaTab which was a Haxe port (at the time) of TuxGuitar.


Native or bilingual proficiency
Professional working proficiency
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