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Attribute that helps with verifying Impala webhooks in dot net core
public static class ImpalaHeaderContants
public const string XImpalaSignature = "X-Impala-Signature";
public class ImpalaConfigDTO
public string ApiKey { get; set; }
public string WebhookSecret { get; set; }
public class ImpalaWebhookVerificationAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute
public override async Task OnActionExecutionAsync(ActionExecutingContext context, ActionExecutionDelegate next)
var config = context.HttpContext.RequestServices.GetService<IOptionsSnapshot<ImpalaConfigDTO>>().Value;
var strContent = await context.HttpContext.Request.GetRawBodyStringAsync();
context.HttpContext.Request.Headers.TryGetValue(ImpalaHeaderContants.XImpalaSignature, out var headers);
var xImpalaSignature = headers.FirstOrDefault();
var actualXImpalaSignature = GetXImpalaSignature(strContent, config.WebhookSecret);
if (actualXImpalaSignature != xImpalaSignature)
var logger = context.HttpContext.RequestServices.GetService<ILogger<ImpalaWebhookVerificationAttribute>>();
logger.LogWarning(string.Format("Unverified webhook call Body=[{0}] Hash=[{1}]", strContent, xImpalaSignature));
context.Result = (context.Controller as Controller).StatusCode(403);
await next();
private static string GetXImpalaSignature(string text, string key)
ASCIIEncoding encoding = new ASCIIEncoding();
var textBytes = encoding.GetBytes(text);
var keyBytes = encoding.GetBytes(key);
byte[] hashBytes;
using (HMACSHA256 hash = new HMACSHA256(keyBytes))
hashBytes = hash.ComputeHash(textBytes);
return BitConverter.ToString(hashBytes).Replace("-", "").ToLower();
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Make sure to configure options, something along the lines of:


Then you just put the Attribute on method or controller.

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