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var Trie = require('merkle-patricia-tree');
var rlp = require('rlp');
var levelup = require('levelup');
var leveldown = require('leveldown');
var keccak256 = require('js-sha3').keccak256;
// Chains' path
var dbPathRinkeby = '/home/user/.ethereum/rinkeby/geth/chaindata';
var dbPathMainnet = '/home/user/.ethereum/geth/chaindata';
//Path to chain to use
dbPath = dbPathMainnet;
//Contract address
var contract = '0x5db9b94f23d6722E5C30934B53b352B967fb0F7d';
//Create database
var db = levelup(leveldown(dbPath));
// Can be obtained with web3.eth.getBlock(<blockNumber>).stateRoot
var ROOT = '0x5e27b33d4fa2349b744f7c80c60f5bcdfa9c0754b7f2be61972b220bf2ec4d78';
var trie = new Trie(db, ROOT);
@dev Will return the contract's storage size in bytes
@param address Contract address to query storage size.
@param ROOT Block stateRoot to query storage.
async function getContractStorageSize(address, ROOT){
//Checking if 0x was provided for address
if (address.substr(0,2) == '0x'){
address = address.substr(2);
//Take hash of address
var addressHash = keccak256(new Buffer(address, 'hex'));
// Will count the byte size of the contract's storage
var contractStorageSize = 0;
//Promise to return
return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
//Verifying if ROOT exists
trie.checkRoot(ROOT, function (err, ifExists) {
if (!ifExists) {
console.log('State root does not exists');
//Querying the state trie of the given contract
trie.get('0x' + addressHash, function (err, val) {
var decodedVal = rlp.decode(val);
//Verifying if decoded value is valid
if (!decodedVal || decodedVal.length < 4) {
reject('The value for the address must be an array of 4 elements');
// 3rd element in the array is storage root, 1st - nonce, 2nd - balance, 4th - codeHash
var storageRoot = decodedVal[2];
//Set trie root to storageRoot
trie.root = storageRoot;
// Verifying if storage root exists
trie.checkRoot(storageRoot, function (err, ifExists) {
if (!ifExists) {
reject('Storage root does not exists');
// Read all entries from contract storage
var stream = trie.createReadStream();
stream.on('data', function (data) {
// Obtain Buffer value for current storage node
var decodedValNode = rlp.decode(data.value);
// Update contract Storage size
contractStorageSize += decodedValNode.byteLength;
//When stream over
stream.on('end', async function (val) {
//Printing the contract storage size for test contract
getContractStorageSize(contract, ROOT).then(
console.log('Contract address : ', contract);
console.log('Contract Storage size (Bytes): ', contractSize);
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