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Windows Keyboard Combos

Windows Keyboard Combos


Copyright © 2020 Pharap Licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0 (Human Readable Version).


Combo Function
+ L Lock Your Computer*
+ E Open File Explorer
+ R Open Run Dialogue**
+ D Tab to Desktop (Repeat to Undo)
+ Maximise Active Window
+ Snap Active Window to Left Half of Screen
+ Snap Active Window to Right Half of Screen
+ Spacebar Switch Active Input Language***
+ + Activate magnifier and zoom in
+ - Zoom out with active magnifier
Alt + F4 Close Active Window
Alt + Print Screen Print Screen Only the Active Window
Alt + Tab Switch Active Process

* The most used keyboard-combo in college.
** Step 2 is typically "type 'regedit' and press enter", Step 3 is "try not to break anything"
*** Requires other input method editors (IMEs) to be installed and activated.
(I have Japanese installed on my computer, hence I'm able to write those mysterious moonrunes.)

Windows Explorer

Combo Function
, , , Navigate Files and Folders
Alt Display Hints for Alt Shortcuts
Alt + Go Up a Directory
Alt + Go Back in History
Alt + Go Forward in History
Enter Open File or Folder
Delete Recycle a File or Folder
Shift + Delete Permenantly Delete a File or Folder
F2 Rename the Selected File or Folder
F3 Search the Current Folder
F4 Access the URL Bar
F5 Referesh the File List
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