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sooli # Hi there, I just read some articles about riak, i'm a mongoDB user
it looks very nice, but I have a question about deployment
Each node don't have the same data right ?
If I remove a node, data will be dispatched on other nodes ?
what about if there is no enought space ?
seancribbs # sooli: Riak doesn't store everything in memory
and its distribution model is very different from mongo's sharding
sooli # I know, about space, I meant HDD available space
seancribbs # well yes, but that's the same with any database
sooli # ok I will test riak on my next node.js project !
seancribbs # frank06's client looks pretty awesome, and technoweenie's too
but to your original question, if you add a node you gain disk space
so if you are running out of space, you can pretty much just add another one
sooli # ok
seancribbs # also keep in mind you're going to use (total data size * replication factor)
amount of disk space across the whole cluster .if you're very concerned about usage and you
can handle a little less availability, use a lower N value
sooli # Yep ! Thnx
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