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10:54 <xinit> I'm trying to figure out how both can be used with multiple data centers
10:54 <jdmaturen> pharkmillups or someone can help you out, i gotta run into work though
10:54 <jdmaturen> bb in ~20
10:54 <pharkmillups> xinit: what's up?
10:55 <xinit> pharkmillups: how riak figures out what nodes are in centerA
and/or centerB
10:55 <xinit> and if it can be used over multiple data centers
10:56 <xinit> with the connection being slow or unavailable at times
10:56 <pharkmillups> two DCs with one distinct Riak cluster in each?
10:56 <xinit> yes
10:57 <pharkmillups> so that is definitely possible.
10:57 <xinit> nice :)
10:57 <xinit> I'm having a lot of troubles with cassandra
10:57 <xinit> so I want to get rid of it
10:57 <pharkmillups> here's the kicker
0:57 <pharkmillups> the code that makes it possible, however, is part of the
enterprise package
10:58 <pharkmillups> xinit: would categorize yourself as as startup?
10:58 <pharkmillups> as a *
10:59 <xinit> perhapse
10:59 <xinit> why?
10:59 <xinit> how enterprisy is the enterprise package?
10:59 <xinit> in terms of money? :)
10:59 <pharkmillups> well that depends on how enterprisey you and yours are ;)
10:59 <pharkmillups> check this out
10:59 <pharkmillups>
11:00 <xinit> interesting
11:00 <xinit> and if I run riak without enterprise stuff, can I
upgrade later?
11:00 <xinit> we have one active DC
11:00 <pharkmillups> of course
11:01 <xinit> great
11:01 <xinit> allright
11:01 <xinit> I think we'll give it a try
11:01 <pharkmillups> sounds good. also some info you might want...
11:01 <pharkmillups> is the best person to get in touch with re:
Enterprise for startups
11:02 <xinit> thanks!
11:02 <pharkmillups> and if you have any info/questions about using Riak that you don't want sent
over the public wire, just use
11:02 <xinit> great, great!
11:02 <pharkmillups> xinit: my pleasure. happy to help
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