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My growing list of Rust programs to use.

Cryptography - password-based file encryptor (NOTE: uses Qt) - file encryption tool and librarary that uses the age format

Media - gameboy emulator - fetch the lyrics of a song playing in an mpris-compatible player - discordrpc for mpd - nes emulator - doom renderer - a tool for creating pretty images of your source code for sharing - a tui for spotify - view images in the terminal

Messengers - cli for signal - meli, a TUI email client (if you think about it, an email client is a type of messenger so shush)

Official - reading and writing exercises for rust programming - official emacs config for rust programming - official vim config for rust programming

Other - unofficial bitwarden server - update programs installed through cargo - cli to display info about unicode characters - cli client for firefox send - tui file manager with preview support for various formats - interactive cheatsheet - neofetch for git repos

  • an OS written in Rust from the ground up, this even includes a brand new kernel, libc, filesystem, and more! - a rust implementation of minisign - python interpreter

  • a tool to upgrade everything (WARNING: make sure you read the step list in the wiki, it uses specific system commands that may or may not be present on your system) - a dns resolver, client, and server - watches files, and runs specified commands when the file is modified

Shameless Self-Advertizing - a cli alarm program - A dependency organizer for random programs you may be installing from source

  • discordrpc for gzdoom (NOTE: Soon to be zdoom-discordrpc as it isn't exclusive to gzdoom anymore)

  • output music info from mpd as artist - album (date) - title -- state -- [elapsed/duration], I use it for my panel in herbstluftwm - a program to query music info from mpd and display it in a notification - emerge frontend with extra features - a binary (planned to be hybrid) package manager - neofetch-esque program - a discord bot - an implementation of mpc, but not directly as there will be a few differences - a gtk frontend for mpd, kinda bare right now, not sure how far I'll go with it - a controller for mpv, requires ipc to be enabled in mpv - a WIP Discord Rich Presence for The Elder Scrolls games

sharkdp - cat clone with extra features (and wings) - a tool to rival du -hs specifically - find alternative - cli hex viewer - time on steroids - cli for generating, analyzing, converting, manipulating, and previewing colors - generate colors for LS_COLORS

Shells - bash-like shell - shell created for redox - powershell inspired shell

Standard Utilities - like htop, but better - like gotop, but better - coreutils rewrite - a git and diff viewer - ls alternative - an interactive locate alternative - a ps alternative - grep alternative - busybox rewrite - sed alternative - cp alternative

Terminals - a GPU accelerated terminal - a terminal that rethinks the combination of a shell and a terminal

Useful Dev Utilities - a tool to search/replace in code - transpile C99-compliant C to unsafe Rust - a utility for managing cargo dependencies from the command line - run cargo commands in a project upon file modification - save disk space by cleaning un-needed files from software projects

Version Control - prunes stale git branches - a version control system based on patches

WMs - A tiling window manager in the spirit of dwm / Xmonad - tiling wm centered around theming - a tiling wm

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Phate6660 commented Oct 30, 2020

Yep, sharkdp gets his own dedicated category. He makes amazing programs.

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