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The ONLY time the md5 hash of those files should change is when you change the file.
The only time the files need to be changed is when a site is upgraded. However, even then, if there are no changes in the new version in those files then the hash can remain the same.
We cache the md5 hash of the file into a file, in the same folder, buy proceeded with a period (.)
On every page load of the website we compare the md5 hash of the monitored files, with the cached md5 hash in the lock file we created.
If they are different then SOMETHING has changed in the monitored file, and we alert you on that.
The current md5 hashes for Joomla 3.9.15 are available through our free service here = 9755179f38c093ab892414e89f5d4433 = b155a49cb182672bf515347c0c7843bf
I have completed an audit of and the tools show there are no modified core files on this site at the moment.
Kindest regards
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