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Display the Gallery postprocess
<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true" />
<!--- @@displayname: Image Gallery for Post Process --->
<cfif arrayLen(stobj.aImage)>
<div class="row row-wrap" id="popup-gallery">
<cfloop from="1" to="#arrayLen(stobj.aImage)#" index="i">
<cfset stImage = application.fapi.getContentObject(typename="dmImage", objectid=stObj.aImage[i])>
<div class="span3"> <a class="hover-img popup-gallery-image" href="#stImage.standardImage#" data-effect="mfp-zoom-out"> <img src="#stImage.ThumbnailLargeImage#" alt="#stImage.alt#" title="#stImage.title#"><i class="icon-resize-full box-icon-big round hover-icon i"></i> </a> </div>
<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="false" />
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