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A shell script fragment to generate a BIND ACL from an IRR object
# Using IRR and BGPQ3 to auto-generate BIND ACLs
# Kenneth Finnegan, 2019
# The IRR aut-num or as-set to generate the ACL off of
bgpq3 -j -4 -l ACL $ACL_AS_SET;
bgpq3 -j -6 -l ACL $ACL_AS_SET;
) | \
# Parse out just the prefixes from the JSON
jq '.ACL[].prefix' | \
# Format it as a BIND ACL
awk -F '"' 'BEGIN {print "// BIND DNS ACL generated from IRR"}
BEGIN {print "acl \"serviceacl\" {" }
{print " " $2 ";"}
END {print "};"}'
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