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A comparison of the amount of stargazers that the GitHub repositories of popular IRC clients have.

This is a comparison of the amount of stargazers that the GitHub repositories of popular IRC clients have. It orders by a count that has people removed that starred another client's repo after staring it giving a more exact actual popularity count. The "moved to" section assumes that someone will not unstar another client's repo after staring his new client's repo giving us some indication which was used previously.

IRC client latest total difference moved to
lounge 3217 3432 215 weechat(46), irssi(42), shout(41), hexchat(27), Textual(25), 5 others
shout 2946 3758 812 lounge(429), irssi(70), weechat(60), komanda(55), 6 others
hexchat 1710 2186 476 lounge(134), weechat(111), irssi(67), shout(51), 6 others
irssi 1672 2096 424 weechat(124), lounge(112), shout(55), hexchat(45), 6 others
weechat 1485 1800 315 lounge(102), irssi(74), hexchat(46), shout(28), 6 others
Textual 1285 1669 384 lounge(90), shout(76), limechat(35), irssi(31), 6 others
slate 1281 1976 695 shout(296), lounge(129), komanda(120), subway(30), 6 others
komanda 1246 1828 582 shout(245), lounge(154), irssi(37), weechat(33), 6 others
limechat 1028 1367 339 Textual(70), shout(57), lounge(45), irssi(39), weechat(34), 5 others
subway 950 1509 559 shout(173), lounge(137), slate(47), komanda(43), 6 others
KiwiIRC 579 912 333 lounge(86), shout(74), irssi(34), weechat(31), 6 others

Generated by this python script using the following command: python markdown=true erming/shout thelounge/lounge hexchat irssi slate mephux/komanda Codeux-Software/Textual weechat thedjpetersen/subway psychs/limechat prawnsalad/KiwiIRC.

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