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Pythonista Forum - @Phuket2
CSS Color Lookup - wrench item
A very basic utility to look up a css name in a list with a filter
function and a copy to clipbord the color, quoted.
Only works for Python 3.xx, i think only because of the use of
super().__init__ in the classes
Very basic, but can be handy. Personally, i like using css colors
even though there is only 148 of them.
I did not make a repo , because i want to do more. I made
a gist because its still useful in its current state, to me anyway.
I think and hope this will be short lived, as i think @omz will add
css colors to the built in color picker when time permits.
I am sure i have done some no, no's in the code. Just sick of making
nothing. Rather than go down all the rabbit holes trying to be
correct, just did things in a way that were fairly straight fwd
for me...
I feel i have kept it pretty simple and easy to understand. The code
looks a little long for what it does. but its only because of
seperating views into their own classes. while i am sure the design
is not great, its still pretty flexible to modify, hence what looks
like duplication and an increase in the code lines. well, thats my
thinking anyway.
Anyway, i have some ideas to add functionality, another panel after
clicking the color. show the rgb values, modify the color with alpha
settings , view text of the selected css color on a selectable
background as a sort of preview, select colors using a slider of
the percentage of r, g or b color components, save sets of colors that can be recalled and placed on the clipboard as a list etc...
Just for fun
import ui, clipboard, console
_css_colors=['rosybrown', 'antiquewhite', 'lightsteelblue', 'white', 'darkblue', 'darkviolet', 'plum', 'darkcyan', 'blanchedalmond', 'chocolate', 'sienna', 'tomato', 'peachpuff', 'lightyellow', 'bisque', 'aqua', 'oldlace', 'maroon', 'palegreen', 'chartreuse', 'darkturquoise', 'linen', 'magenta', 'lemonchiffon', 'powderblue', 'papayawhip', 'gold', 'khaki', 'lightseagreen', 'darkred', 'floralwhite', 'turquoise', 'mediumspringgreen', 'indianred', 'lightgreen', 'crimson', 'mintcream', 'lavender', 'purple', 'orchid', 'darkslateblue', 'whitesmoke', 'moccasin', 'beige', 'mistyrose', 'dodgerblue', 'hotpink', 'lightcoral', 'goldenrod', 'coral', 'cadetblue', 'black', 'mediumseagreen', 'gainsboro', 'paleturquoise', 'darkgreen', 'darkkhaki', 'mediumblue', 'dimgray', 'darkorchid', 'deeppink', 'mediumvioletred', 'lightgray', 'darkgrey', 'lightsalmon', 'lightblue', 'lightslategrey', 'slategray', 'slateblue', 'greenyellow', 'darkgray', 'lawngreen', 'cornflowerblue', 'midnightblue', 'lightpink', 'deepskyblue', 'navy', 'lightskyblue', 'darkorange', 'blueviolet', 'lightgrey', 'lightgoldenrodyellow', 'violet', 'ivory', 'mediumslateblue', 'cyan', 'rebeccapurple', 'firebrick', 'green', 'burlywood', 'wheat', 'mediumpurple', 'mediumturquoise', 'skyblue', 'peru', 'forestgreen', 'royalblue', 'aquamarine', 'silver', 'olive', 'palevioletred', 'mediumorchid', 'darkslategray', 'darkslategrey', 'steelblue', 'olivedrab', 'lime', 'orangered', 'grey', 'sandybrown', 'slategrey', 'pink', 'blue', 'palegoldenrod', 'ghostwhite', 'brown', 'darkseagreen', 'saddlebrown', 'salmon', 'cornsilk', 'red', 'snow', 'tan', 'aliceblue', 'yellow', 'yellowgreen', 'springgreen', 'thistle', 'navajowhite', 'teal', 'lightcyan', 'orange', 'darksalmon', 'mediumaquamarine', 'darkolivegreen', 'lavenderblush', 'indigo', 'fuchsia', 'honeydew', 'azure', 'lightslategray', 'seagreen', 'gray', 'dimgrey', 'limegreen', 'darkmagenta', 'darkgoldenrod', 'seashell']
def create_swatch_image(color, w=32):
# create a ui.Image of a named color
# this is a little over the top, i did it this way both as a test
# and to fit into the item spec of ui.ListSource.
# only 148 css color entries, so its ok.
s = ui.Path.oval(0, 0, w, w)
with ui.ImageContext(w, w) as ctx:
return ctx.get_image()
class MyDataClass(object):
# supplies our list with records that are formatted for
# ui.ListDataSource. Because we create swatch images, this is a good
# idea. All the swatchs' are created once and kept.
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): = self._my_data(_css_colors)
def _my_data(self, lst):
# ListDataSource format
return [{'title': clr,
'image': create_swatch_image(clr, w=24),
'accessory_type': 'detail_button'
}for i, clr in enumerate(sorted(lst))]
def filter(self, filter=''):
# return the data, if filter is not passed, all records returned
# else a subset of records are returned based on the filter.
return [d for d in if filter in d['title']]
def make_ui_object(ui_type, *args, **kwargs):
# utility to create ui object with all kwargs
obj = ui_type()
for k, v in kwargs.items():
if hasattr(obj, k):
setattr(obj, k, v)
return obj
class Panel(ui.View):
# a base class, not doing much, can do more.
def __init__(self, p, h, *args, **kwargs):
p = the intended parent view
h = the height of the panel
# set the frame before calling super incase kwargs contridicts
# the normal setup
f = ui.Rect(0, 0, p.width, h)
self.frame = f
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.default_action = None
# add ourself to the parent...recalcitrant child
# probably not good form to do this, not sure
class SearchPanel(Panel):
def __init__(self, p, h, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(p, h, *args, **kwargs) = 'sp'
self.bg_color = 'coral'
self.flex = 'wrb'
def make_view(self):
txtfld = make_ui_object(ui.TextField)
txtfld.placeholder = 'Filter'
txtfld.clear_button_mode = 'always'
txtfld.autocapitalization_type = ui.AUTOCAPITALIZE_NONE
txtfld.spellchecking_type = False
txtfld.frame = self.bounds.inset(8, 4)
txtfld.delegate = self
def textfield_did_change(self, textfield):
# send the contents of search field to our default_action if
# it has been set.
if self.default_action:
self.default_action(self, textfield.text)
class ListPanel(Panel):
def __init__(self, p, h, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(p, h, *args, **kwargs) = 'lp'
self.dc = MyDataClass() = None
def make_view(self):
tv = ui.TableView(name='lst', frame=self.bounds)
lds = ui.ListDataSource(
lds.delete_enabled = False
lds.action = self.action
lds.accessory_action = self.accessory_action
tv.data_source = lds
tv.flex = 'whlrtb'
tv.delegate = lds
self.add_subview(tv) = lds
def filter(self, text):
filter the list, very crude...
tb = self['lst'] = self.dc.filter(text)
tb.content_offset = (0, 0)
def num_records(self):
return len(
def accessory_action(self, sender):
if self.default_action:
item = sender.items[sender.tapped_accessory_row]
self.default_action(self, item['title'])
def action(self, sender):
# maybe will use later. But dont want to use this to copy the
# color to the clipboard.
class FooterPanel(Panel):
for now, just shows a label with the number of items displayed
in the list.
def __init__(self, p, h, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(p, h, *args, **kwargs) = 'fp'
self.bg_color = 'coral'
self.flex = 'wlt'
def make_view(self):
lb = make_ui_object(ui.Label, name='msg_lb', frame=self.frame)
lb.text_color = 'white'
lb.font = ('Avenir Next Condensed', 22)
lb.alignment = ui.ALIGN_CENTER =
def msg_text(self):
return self['msg_lb'].text
def msg_text(self, msg_text):
self['msg_lb'].text = msg_text
class MyClass(ui.View):
# the presentation class so to speak
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def make_view(self):
# create the views, only sized. Positioning happens in layout
sp = SearchPanel(self, 44)
lp = ListPanel(self, 300)
fp = FooterPanel(self, 32)
# set callbacks
sp.default_action = self.cb_search_text
lp.default_action = self.cb_info_button
self['fp'].msg_text = 'Items - {}'.format(self['lp'].num_records)
def layout(self):
position the views.
manually resize the height of the listpanel
should do all this with flex, later...
v = self['sp']
v.y = 0
v = self['fp']
v.y = self.bounds.max_y - v.height
v = self['lp']
v.y = self['sp'].bounds.max_y
v.height = self.height - (self['sp'].height + self['fp'].height)
def cb_search_text(self, sender, text):
# the searchpanel calling us with the text in the textfield
self['fp'].msg_text = 'Items - {}'.format(self['lp'].num_records)
def cb_info_button(self, sender, text):
# the listpanel calling us with the text from the ui.TableView
quote = "'"
console.hud_alert(text + '-Copied')
if __name__ == '__main__':
w = 320
h = ui.get_screen_size()[1]*.6
f = (0, 0, w, h)
style = 'popover'
title_color = 'white'
title_bar_color = 'coral'
animated = False
mc = MyClass(name='CSS Color Lookup', frame=f, bg_color='white')
mc.present(style=style, animated=animated,
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