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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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Hoes are used to turn dirt or dirt_with_grass into soil
They are crafted like this:
Mat Mat
Where mat is either wood, stone, steel or bronze. The materials differ in the number of uses they have.
Soil turns into wet soil when a water node is inside a 3 node radius.
Wheat seeds drop randomly when digging grass (default:grass, not dirt_with_grass).
They can be planted on soil and will grow in 8 growing steps on wet soil.
The more they are grown the higher is the chance to get drops. They drop up to 2 harvested wheat and 2 seeds.
4 harvested wheat can be crafted to flour, wich cooks in the furnace to bread. Bread heals 2 hearts.
Apple healing is reduced to 1/2 hearts.
Cotton seeds drop randomly when digging junglegrass.
Cotton grows in 8 growing steps on wet soil. It drops up to 3 strings and 3 seeds when full grown.
4 strings can be crafted into 1 white wool node.
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