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- Use games/<gameid>/menu/ textures only for singleplayer tab (see
- The gamefilter doesnt look good in 800x600 resolution
- The buttons in the gamefilter have very low quality
- There is no configure window for worls (this is definetly needed for the new modsystem)
- The favorite list shows the public server list
- Remove world doesnt work
- The gamename instead of gameid should be shown in the create world window
- The gamename instead of gameid of the selected game should be shown (in the topleft text)
- ^ should be only shown in singleplayer tab
- Entering a world does not give the window the focus (you have to click on it to be able to look arround)
- Mouse wheel doesnt work in world/favorites list
- "Start Game" in server tab doesnt work
- When going back to the main menu from somewhere the singleplayer tab is always shown, even if another tab is selected

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@sapier sapier commented May 22, 2013

  1. fixed
  2. won't fix (can be done later if someone has a good idea how to fix)
  3. won't fix (can be done later if someone has a good idea how to fix)
  4. fixed
  5. need help don't have curl
  6. fixed
  7. fixed
  8. fixed
  9. not mainmenu related, same error as ingame with formspecs
  10. focus issue once textlist has focus mouswheel works but escape doesn't work anymore
  11. fixed
  12. fixed
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